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If you have been a smoker for quite a few years now and have now decided to make a shift to a vape, you might need some time to settle this transition. Being accustomed to one thing for many years and then shifting to a different one is surely quite tough. One needs quite some time in order to settle. However, if you are thinking of this transition, it surely is a good decision as it would aid you in leading a life that is much safer and secure compared to the previous one.

This transition, however, requires you to know some basics. A lot of people making this transition end up committing some mistakes that ruin their experience of the switch. If you are thinking of making this big switch, there are few mistakes that you should avoid no matter what.


  • Not focusing on the quality of vape liquid:

The most important thing that one uses in the vape is its liquid. Unfortunately, people, most of the times, end up ignoring its importance. The vaping liquid comes in a plethora of flavors for its options, but vape smokers are, most of the time, ignorant towards these flavors and end up choosing the ones their friends had recommended them. Often times they try to experiment with tinctures of CBD oils, and this further ruins their experience in vape smoking. This is owing to the fact that these oils are often quite thick, and it is difficult to burn them properly. Resultantly, they lead to an extremely bitter taste and the vape taster ends up hating this new experience. However, if you are adamant on using the CBD oil, you need to opt for a thinner, which would mellow down the viscosity of the vape. For that, you can opt for with the Vegetable glycerine, which comes quite cheap, or the Medium-chain triglyceride oil. This thinning agent will provide you with enough pleasure. To add to the flavor and vapour clouder a bit bigger, you can opt for a a vape oil that comes with a higher amount of VG.


  • Containing one battery only:

Another major mistake that the people moving towards this transition make is that of relying on a single battery. Moving around with a single battery and thinking that it will suffice is undoubtedly a big mistake, which should be avoided if you look forward to using the vape throughout the day, without interruption. The existing battery is likely to finish soon enough and will end you up cursing yourself for relying on that single battery and not having an extra one around. Thus, being a beginner, it is necessary to know that more than one battery is needed to make sure you can smoke it for as long as you want.

  • Opting for a low-quality vape:

There are a lot of times when people prefer buying cheap e liquids uk in order to save money and end up losing all their patience as it doesn’t offer them the ultimate value. They might not want to splurge a lot on their e-cigarette and end up hating the product that they have bought. Buying a low-cost vape not only works for a little time but also tastes really bad. You can buy a low-cost vape for as much as ten dollars, but it is sure to say that you would regret spending even that much amount of money on it. Thus, it is always recommended to buy a decent vape that is not too expensive but is also not way too cheap.

  • Selecting a nicotine strength, you cant endure:

Smoking cigarette is a straightforward method; you simply buy one, light it up, and smoke. On the other hand, when it comes to smoking a vape, one needs to be extremely cautious at selecting the nicotine strength. A lot of time, beginners and up selecting a strength that is either way too heavy for them, or is way too light. Either way, they end up hating the experience as it doesn’t provide them with the right kind of pleasure. If you have a vape whose nicotine strength is not strong enough for you, you can always make it’s stronger by adding nicotine salt to it. This way, you would be able to smoke it in a way that you like. Nonetheless, you need to know that higher the level of nicotine in your vape; larger will be its impact on your health, negatively.



A lot of people have been shifting from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes off late. This is a good trend as these vapes are less harmful compared to regular cigarettes. However, to make sure this switch doesn’t make things worse for you, avoid making the above-mentioned mistakes

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