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It is a fact that with the increased use of mobile phones, mobile app development has also increased in recent times. Whether it is the retail, business, banking or any other sector, every business owner wants to access his potential customers quickly and for this, accessing via mobile devices can be the easiest approach.

Choosing the right platform

Keep in mind that developing a mobile app is not as simple and you will face different kinds of challenges while developing a mobile app. First of all, you will have to decide what platform will you use for your app. After that, you will have to develop an app while keeping all the limitations in mind to attract a large number of users towards it. Nowadays many developers prefer to develop an app for Android mobile users. Do you know why? It is because Android users are more in number and Android development is easier than iOS development.

However, if you want to target both the Android and iOS users then you can also develop an app for both of them. Keep in mind that if you have decided to develop the mobile app for both mobile users then you will have to adjust your development goals in line with the limited mobile platform resources.

Processing requirements

What will you do next if your mobile app requires processing more than an ordinary mobile platform? To meet this challenge, you will have to offload this processing and even data storage to the cloud by using APIs. The best part is that the cloud can also facilitate you with additional features apart from the performance boost.

Join a developer program

Whether you have developed an app for Android users or iOS users, you will have to join any developer program, as both are not the open environment. If you are interested in joining the Android developer program then firstly, you will have to create a developer account, which you can create by using your Google account and by paying USD 25 as an application submission fee. Once you are done with this process, you can easily distribute your app, which may be downloaded and installed by users. However, joining an iOS developer program is a little expensive, as you will have to pay USD 99 annually as a program fee.

Deliver your app to the users

Once you are done with developing your mobile app by keeping both types of users in mind then the next step will be delivering your app to your users. Try to develop something flexible and easy to use if you want your app to be successful among the users.

Last but not least, becoming a mobile app developer can be profitable only when you will make the right selections at the right time.

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Peter durian is lead app developer with App Peanuts, a premium mobile app development company in New York, USA. He is an avid blogger and likes to write on latest tech feats shaping the industry

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