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5 Most Effective & Useful Ayurvedic Herbs and Techniques for Treating Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that interferes or restricts a man from having satisfactory erections for a pleasurable and successful act of lovemaking with his partner. This condition is usually a by-product of other serious conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, excessive smoking and drinking, and also depression and low self-esteem.

As it is a sign and symptom of various severe diseases, many medical studies conclude that identifying the early signs of erectile dysfunction helps in managing both the conditions better and even reversing a few of them.

After the specific cause of the condition is established and diagnosed, doctors can begin the treatment for the condition. While there is no permanent cure for erectile dysfunction as of now, but there are many different types of treatments that treat erectile dysfunction such as oral medicines such as Kamagra, testosterone injections, penile pumps, surgeries, and even implants. Some cases of erectile dysfunction need making some lifestyle changes or talk therapies for a successful recovery.

While these medical treatments have been proven and established for the successful treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are many herbs which can come in useful as Ayurvedic or natural treatments for the treatment of this condition. 

The herbs that can come in useful as an Ayurvedic treatment of erectile dysfunction: 

Indian Ginseng (Ashwagandha)

One of the most popular herbs that are used as an Ayurvedic oral medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is Ashwagandha, which is also known as Indian Ginseng.

The direct effects of this medication on erectile dysfunction have not been established as of yet, but Ashwagandha has been reported to have a positive impact on male fertility as well as their sperm count.

If your erectile dysfunction condition has been caused due to excessive stress, or exhaustion, this herb helps in reducing your stress, promoting a healthy body and sound mind which may help in dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Seeds of Holy Basil (Tulsi Beej):

Holy Basil is one of the most commonly used and found herb in India and other Asian countries such as Nepal, it is worshipped by people of the Hindu religion due to its various health benefits.

It’s a major immunity booster and prevents you from the common cold, cough, and fever if the leaves of the Tulsi leaves are eaten regularly.

When the seeds of the Holy Basil plants are consumed regularly, they promote better blood circulation in the body, as proper blood circulation plays a vital role in having healthy and strong erections, this herb is likely to improve the symptoms of this condition. 

Asparagus Racemosus (Shatavari)

Asparagus Racemosus is known as Shatavari in the Asian part of the world, especially India where Ayurvedic treatments are preferred by most people. It is used is various treatments apart from the more specific treatments of sexual dysfunction as erectile dysfunctions.

This herb has been known to improve the blood circulation by relaxing the nerves of the body, a similar principle is also used by medication such as Cenforce can treat erectile dysfunction that is by promoting the widening of the blood vessels and smoother blood flow.

Chlorophytum borivilianum (Safed Musali)

This herb is known as an aphrodisiac herb, so it increases sexual desire in both men and women. We know that lack of enough testosterone in the male body can cause erectile dysfunction and various things such as stress can restrict or suppress the production of testosterone with corticosterone. It’s also said to improve the sperm count so all in all Safed Musali is a beneficial sperm for your overall sexual health.

Yoga and Meditation:

When we talk about Ayurveda, yoga and meditation always come in the play because they make the body and the mind better. Ayurveda is a treatment that aims for an all-round holistic approach for the treatment of every condition.

Meditation has various benefits for your body and brain, but its main function when it comes to the treatment of erectile dysfunction is stress relief. Men who are under constant mental stress and strain often find it difficult to have reactions or maintain them for long. When men are well-relaxed, their sexual drive is increased, and even testosterone production is enhanced.

There are many different types of yoga asanas which promote a healthy body if you practice them regularly. Yoga makes your body more supple and flexible, it also promotes healthy cell regeneration and even strengthens your immune system.

Yoga or any sort of physical exercise promotes better blood circulation in the body, and thus makes a person less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction caused due to poor blood circulation. Yoga and meditation thus work in treating as well as preventing various conditions including erectile dysfunction.

Before you start using any of the herb or advanced levels of yoga positions, please be sure that your doctor approves of them. There are certain people who are not allowed to strain themselves too much physically and some herbs may interact with the other medications that you are using. Please check for any possibility of an allergy from any of the herbs and buy them from a reliable and reputed place to get the best quality of herbs for your treatment. 

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