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If you loved Shutter Island, it is only normal to look for other movies that can stimulate your brain in the same way. Undeniably, Shutter Island is a masterpiece that will be mind-blowing every time, no matter how many times you watch it.

If you have been looking for movies like Shutter Island , you might have struggled to find some that fit your needs. Indeed, it can be challenging to find films that are at the same level as Shutter Island’s plot.

With the new upcoming app Friendspire finding movies alike has become simple. If you have loved where Shutter Island was filmed, and you want to recreate the same emotions of watching this incredible film once again, check out the options below from Friendspire!


Directed by Christopher Nolan, Inception is one of the best psychological movies out there. We might not be able to get you your Inception explained, but we can recreate the emotions that Leonardo Di Caprio on Shutter Island inspired. Inception boasts a unique plot with a concept that has rarely been explored before. If you have loved the Shutter Island movie, don’t think twice and watch Inception.

Fight Club

The novel by Dennis Lehane – or the Shutter Island book – was the first for the plot behind the movie. In the same way, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk is what gave birth to the film of the same name, a movie that is still one of the masterpieces to watch at least one in a lifetime. While you might love or not Brad Pitt,

Helena Bonham Carter and Edward Norton will ensure that the experience is memorable. The cast of this film is different from the Shutter Island cast and, if you are still thinking about Shutter Island ending, Fight Club will get you to think about a completely different matter!


Memento is one of Christopher Nolan’s masterpieces, and arguably, one of his best movies. If you are looking to find a stimulating movie that will blow your mind, the Memento is the right one for you. It is also perfect for stopping thinking about trying to get Shutter Island explained and focus on another mystery. You can also find this film in its chronological version. However, you should first try to watch it as the director wants you to.

The Prestige

The Prestige is an incredible film and, if you have ever been fascinated by magic tricks, then you will love this movie. In terms of ratings and reviews, The Prestige scores higher compared to Shutter Island Rotten Tomatoes’ score. When watching The Prestige, you will follow the adventures and misadventures of two friends as they become each other’s worst enemies. Get ready for fantastic plot twists!

Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody is an alternative movie with Jared Leto as the main star. If you have been looking for Shutter Island Netflix alternatives, then you have found the one. Mr. Nobody follows the story of Nemo (Jared Lets) as the last human remaining on Earth in 2029. Undoubtedly, this movie will make you think!

The Girl on the Train

If you love Emily Blunt, this is the right thriller for you. It might not make you think about your own life as much, but it surely stimulates some thoughts! Through the film, you will follow Emily Blunt’s adventures as she gets involved in an investigation regarding a missing person. This alone is enough to get your eyes off the latest Shutter Island review and focus on this brilliant movie.

Gone Girl

Now that you know that Shutter Island 2is not likely to come out, it is time to focus on alternatives to this film. If you have not watched it yet, Gone Girl is the one to put on your list once you are done watching Shutter Island online. Gone Girl, starring Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck, is a complicated movie that will get you to think about life and its events. If you have been considering finding a Shutter Island streaming again, you should think about playing Gone Girl instead. While offering you the same vibes, this film is ideal if you are in the mood for a thriller.

The Secret Window

The Secret Window is one of the oldest films on this list, being released in 2004 and starring Johnny Depp. Conceptualized as a horror movie and based on the novel “Secret Garden” by Stephen King, this film is unique and worth watching, especially if you have loved the Shutter Island training. The movies above might not be your best choice to get the Shutter Island ending explained. However, you can find new mysteries to focus your brain on.

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