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Preparing your bedroom for the Christmas season

It’s the most wonderful time… to organise your bedroom! With the Christmas season right around the corner, it’s important to get your room ready for the winter weather, as well as feeling that festive spirit. We’ve pulled together some of our best advice for preparing your bedroom for this Christmas. 

On the first day of Christmas…we declutter

Before you get the tree out it’s important to clear your space of any unnecessary clutter. Clear away your seasonal wardrobe, and replace it with your knits and warmer clothes. And anything else you won’t use until the warmer weather can be packed away too. Making the most any dead space such as under your bed could be the ideal solution for decluttering, so check out somewhere like Divan Bed Centres for drawers, or full bed storage, that has options for all price points.

Make sure you have ample storage for any other things that tend to be strewn across the room – such as washing, hairdryer, makeup or phone chargers. Add in a bedside table or some stylish storage boxes so that your things are out of sight and out of mind.

Baby, it’s cold outside 

Now your room is clean and clear and under control, you should consider how to keep the heat in during the colder months. 

If you have wooden floors or panels, then consider buying a rug. Preparing for Christmas is all about creating hygge – it’s that cosy feeling that we associate with the festive season, and it can benefit your mental health, so make sure you add extra warmth underfoot with some woolly carpeting.

Are your windows double glazed? If not, you can hang an extra throw or blanket over/under your curtains to keep the chill at bay, and keep the heat in the room. When it comes to curtains you might benefit from a pair of window to floor blackout curtains, which not only will add an extra touch of luxe to your room but will keep the cold and light out when you need them to.

Now light a few of your favourite scented candles to add some extra heat.

Now get rockin’ around your Christmas tree!

Your room is cosy and tidy, now it’s time for the fun part. Christmas decorations! Here are some quick and easy ways to add some festive decoration to a bedroom – without having a full-blown tree, if you don’t have the space;

  • A small, window or desk tree to centre your room around.
  • Dress your headboard – hang a garland above or on top of your headboard, but make sure it is secure if it’s real foliage, no one wants to wake up with a face full of pine needles (but the scent will be very relaxing!). You can also go rustic with twine and pine cones for a more neutral look.
  • Replace a couple of pictures on the wall with wreaths.
  • For added chic points, keep all your decorations one colour, to go with your current scheme.
  • Create a festive display – you might not have room for the full nativity, but adding ribbon, small ornaments, and flowers to a bedside table will add to the festive feel without the three wise men sleeping next to you.

We hope these festive tips help you create a magical and cosy bedroom for the winter period.

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