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The music business has witnessed an influx of fresh faces with outstanding vocal skills. Each musician has a particular voice that distinguishes them from the crowd. We sifted through the audience to find the top vocalists so you can enjoy songs on a whole new level. Some of them are also a rare find so brace yourselves while we delve into the musical world.

  • Kim Deal

Kim’s musical career began unexpectedly when she was working as a receptionist at a doctor’s office. While reading the Boston Phoenix, she came across an ad for a bassist and decided to try her luck. She already possessed the required skills, which came in handy as she began her musical journey. Her sweet voice and punk-rock bass talents were a natural fit for the band, and her career took off in an unexpected direction.

  • Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon is a well-known indie rock artist. She completely boosted the popularity of her band Sonic Youth, making it one of the most well-known. The unexpected element was that Gordon had no idea she had this undiscovered talent because she had never played a bass before. In any case, when she co-founded the band, she started from the ground and took it to the new height of success.

  • John Francis Sharkey

If you wish to follow the music revolution, listen to the songs of “Circus of Power,” in which John leads the bass. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he attended Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School and then enrolled in Fort Hamilton. His career started right after graduation when he took the opportunity to try his luck in music and excelled since he already possessed exceptional skills.

He rose to prominence in the industry, playing for bands such as 9th Street Bodega and Karen Iris. When Circus of Power came back together in 2012, he got the opportunity to collaborate with his all-time favorite band. This surprised the fans, who went crazy when they had the chance to hear a new song from their favorite band under the wing of their favorite bassist.

  • Willie Dixon

He is well regarded as the most influential bluesman in history, with tunes that are still sung by famous performers today. He played bass on Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley’s records, which, due to his vocals, became instant hits. Even legendary bands such as Led Zeppelin and Megadeth recorded his songs “I Can’t Stop You Baby” and “I Ain’t Superstitious.” Overall, he had a significant influence in the musical world, allowing other musicians to pursue the path.


While narrowing down this list of exceptional musicians and bassists was no easy task, it is now time to dig into their mesmerizing sounds and discover the music world’s amazing ability. Prepare to take your musical discovery to the next level!

By Hassan

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