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Education is undeniably the most important part of one’s life. Education is a part of self awareness and self care. When one learns something, it is implied in their lives and there is betterment. Therefore, students are globally encouraged to not give-up on their studies even during a pandemic. However, it can be boring, tiresome and monotonous for the students to sit at home and gain knowledge virtually. Such ambiance and stagnation often reflects in the performance of the students. 

They lose their interests and grades as well. These are challenging times for everyone and therefore the lack of interest of the students is understandable. However, there has to be a solution to this issue because these years are never coming back. The poor performance of the students because of lack of interest and motivation will automatically reflect and thus affect them in future. The pointers listed below are some must-haves for the purpose of good and effective learning of the students. 

1.Good Stationery

The students require one thing the most throughout their part as a student and that is, stationery. Many students are even fascinated with various kinds of stationery and that automatically inclines them towards studying. Good quality notebooks, pens, highlighters and stick-on notes are some important things among many others. Cross fountain pen is one desired brand specifically by students as it has many options to choose from, many colors, good and quality performance as well as its student-friendly prices. 

Students facing problems in studying must take a step back and invest in some good, attractive stationery to kick-start their studies once again. Good stationery is always a full-proof trick to refocus on studies as there is an eagerness among students to try different material and make notes and work with it.

2.Effective Internet Connection  

Since two years of the global pandemic, everything is online. Therefore, slow internet can be a hindrance and a source of irritation for many students. It is important to make sure that the internet connection available is well secured, has a good speed and its accessibility is also good. 

Fast internet speed will make the entire process of studying more fun, quick and effective. Therefore, invest in a good internet connection to stay active and maintain interest in their studies. Guardians must ensure that their children are supply with a fast internet speed without any hindrances. 

3.Researched material

It is one thing to be stuck at home but it is not okay if the student doesn’t do proper research and collect its own material. We are in the middle of a pandemic but we also have high speed internet and the option of safe delivery at our door steps. 

Students should try and collect their own material and make notes of the same to stand out and perform better. Good grades act as a natural motivation for more hard work. Therefore, the students must research and make more material available for themselves apart from what is provided by their teachers.  

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