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Born in a middle-class family, air travels just aren’t really my thing.

Yeah, You Too Maybe!

I belong to that segment of the society who has traveling places across the world way above the above crowd exploring nature with a holistic angle in their wildest dreams.

But, life is like a merry-go-round, and last year out-of-the-blue I got the miraculous opportunity to travel to Venice with my lady love. Hey, don’t think I can afford such a lavish holiday, I received it from my blady, ever-anger boss. Why? That’s my ten years of hard work to the company amping their sales numbers.


At first, everything was fine; we’re like being in the La La Land in our minds, but as the date clock was ticking down, there is some sort of nervousness to be traveling into an airplane for the first time.


“Just Seven Days Left Before the Big Day”

Sleepless nights were having a toll on my body, my life was falling apart. The prospect of traveling by air was sending me shivers down the spine.

Hey guys, this isn’t anything abnormal. Just for a second close your eyes and imagine yourself in my shoes. I newly met the love of life Kim who was a solo wanderer; she has explored the world, where I was someone who hasn’t even crossed the border of Los Angeles. I was nervous, one mistake, and I’m going to lose my love, perhaps my life. “You Won’t Understand.”

I put forth this mental scenario to my college pal, Mike. He was a man who helped me out of this!!

He provided me worthy tips and a sort of protocol that blew away my inner consciousness of air travel.

“Were They Beneficial?”

Guess what we came back home as a couple. Kim looked awesome like made for me with the engagement ring on her index finger.

So, here I share these amazing tips. Let’s scroll and jot them down-

Strategic Planning Is the Key

If you traveling via air, then planning is integral to stay clear of any sort of hassle. Right from packing your bags to having the printed copies of the travel tickets scrutinize every minute aspect as your slight slip up can ruin your traveling experience and you will be left with unhappy memories for life.

Keep Your Calorie Count in Check

Whether you are going on board for a quick two-hour journey or a long two-day flight, keeping a tap on your calorie count is imperative. If you consume heavy food and high-calorie drinks, the chances are that you’ll experience nausea, and believe me this a complete shit feeling. So, step aside of Pizzas and Burgers, just oats or your favorite fruit is best recommended half an hour before the flight.

Keep Yourself Busy

If you probably have seen Hollywood movies and the strs read books on the airplane, you just have to do the same. Have a mystery book like Sherlock Holmes or a comic to remain distracted throughout the journey.

Listening to music is another great way to relax your muscles and the soul within you. You can either with the softening music of the 80s or the high-beats, it’s purely, what’s your taste.

Make Friends

Just like those memorable train trips, you can also develop friendships for life during your air travels. You just go to have an optimistic mindset, have a warm smile on your face, and believe me you’re going to have an enduring journey with a lot of numbers exchanged, especially with females!!!

But, Don’t Me Chessy Man!

Fear of Flying

Last, on the list, do you have the fear of flying? What does it do?

Sweaty Palms, Utter Nervousness, and Fast Breathing!

If you too like me have such a problem, then the best way out is to get enrolled for an online fear of flying course. They typically have a pool of experts to help you with this.

So, hope you liked my story and enthusiastically waiting for your lovely comments!






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