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Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan it is called Blue city. In this fantastic spot, so many numbers of places have their origin. Want to know about all the notable spots of Jodhpur tourism then look at the below article.

Mehrangarh Fort:

This fort is located above the Jodhpur city. It is actually 100 feet from the city. This fort established in the perfect way. It will make you admire and look at it even for many hours. In fact, you will get faint by looking at the long extended fort. It was built with the red sandstone and in fact, it is the first place most of the people visit once after reached Jodhpur.

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park:

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is developed with the aim to safeguard the natural ecology of a wide rocky space located nearer to the fort. This place was left as such for many years later in 2006 the park was recreated. As of now, this part extended to 70 hectares that is up to 200 acres. When you visit here you will witness a differed surrounding and atmosphere more than the other place.

Clock Tower and Old City Markets:

The Clock Tower and Old City Markets is the people’s desirable place. Most of the tourist likely choose this place why because where you can find good stuff and budget-friendly hotels especially. The clock tower stands as the best example of the olden period. You know that the clock tower is working yet. Alongside over to the Sadar Market you can witness the traditional village market. Here you can find an end to end things right from spices to handicrafts.

Jaswant Thada:

If you want to get relax from the busy city surrounding then Jaswant Thada is the right place. This place is built in the year of 1899 A.D with complete marbles. This place gives you a temple atmosphere. Here you can hear pleasant music that will relax your mind and make you stress-free. In fact, the amenity of this spot is priceless. You can see a lot of things here like gazebos, gardens, ponds and much more.

Mandore Gardens:

You know none of the tourists completes the Jodhpur tour by no seeing this place. Of course, it is a famous garden that has so many scenics. In the middle of so many places, it remains quite different. It is the place where you will witness so many flowers, tree and especially statues of God. Roughly there is three hundred millions of God statues are situated in this place. You can also see the unique monkey species here.

Osian Temples:

It is located in a distance of 65 km from the city exactly in the desert region. Osian is the name of the desert town and there are 15 Hindu temples and Jain temples. All the temples located here are built in the 7th and 8th century.

Thereby all the above-mentioned spots are the important places you should see even at once in Jodhpur tourism. Jodhpur can become one of the best places for the honeymoon in winters. The blue city fills the souls of the couples with calmness and leisure. The comfortable nights in winters in Jodhpur fulfills the desires of the couples with joy and happiness. Thus, many people like to visit Rajasthan especially in Jodhpur to spend their precious time of Honeymoon. Some travelers and tourists also come to Jodhpur in order to have a break from their busy life and knowing the culture and heritage of the folks of Jodhpur. So, take your time and visit Jodhpur for a divine experience.

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