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MyBorosil Review

We all know how important glassware is in our day-to-day life. From preparation to cooking to serving, glassware has always been a classy and affordable choice that also comes in handy.

When it comes to buying glassware for the kitchen, people mostly prefer Borosil glassware. Not only are they microwave proof, but they are also available at affordable prices.

People prefer to buy my borosil glassware from MyBorosil. Let’s know why:

1. Types of items

The site is well organized, and different products are categorized According to their usage. On the homepage, along with the latest offers, the categories are displayed: Tableware, Serveware, Bowls, Drinkware, Bottles, Tea & Coffee, Storage, food preparation, Cooking, Brewin, Homorganizeds user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for everyone.

2. Overallthesite’s graphics of the eye-pleasing are minimalistic which is eye pleasing. The layout is simple, and the view is not hectic. The site also doesn’t include any advertisements, so your screen won’t be covered with random advertisements.

The site does not have unnecessary illustrations and templates, keeping it simple and the screen view clear.

3. Better prices and recipes

The best thing about this site is that the prices of the products are much lower than the prices offered at retail stores. Also, the Website offers many deals and sales. There’s a separate category that shows the top deals and combo deals. The blog section in the options has different and unique mouth-watering recipes you can try using borosil glassware.

4. Search bar and history

The search bar makes the Website extra convenient because we can simply search the product we are looking for. Imagine that you found an amazing product but forgot its name; that would be terrible….but my borosil Website shows you the products you’ve recently viewed.

5. Information

At the bottom of the Website, all the information you would like to know is provided. It makes the use of the Website reliable as it provides all the information about the company, payments, shipping, etc. It also provides us access to product manuals and E- Catalogues. The website is well designed and managed.

6. Customer convenience

the website is convenient to use as it keeps track of all your orders. You can also track your order. What’s even more good is that the website is available in five different languages, i.e., Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, And Kannada.

7. Helpful tip

Although the website doesn’t lag, it’s always better to run it with a good internet connection.

8. Easy navigation

Because of a fine layout and simple graphics, the site looks more spacious. And it’s easier to navigate and click on whatever tabs you want without the worries of clicking the cursor over something else. Because the site is not cluttered, it gives a clean and clear view.


The Website is very well designed and managed. It’s easy to use because of its simple graphics and layout. The website is also not covered with unnecessary illustrations and advertisements. Filters are provided for better convenience. All the products are properly categorized. Each product has a proper description of size, price, and usage, along with high-definition product images.



1. Is it safe to use

Yes, it is safe to use this site because it doesn’t share your information with third parties. But the site mentions that it’s the user’s responsibility to select products and ensure that they are free of viruses or defects on their own, and the company has no responsibility whatsoever.

2. Can we return the items we ordered?

Yes, you can Place the return within seven days of delivery. The product should be in its original packaging without any damages. The replacement or refund is issued when the product has reached back at the warehouse and inspected.

3. What products are not eligible for a return?

The following products conditions are not eligible for return:

  • If the product is damaged
  • If the serial number or billing receipt is missing
  • If the product is not in its original packaging
  • If product condition is different from when it was delivered

4. What if the items received are broken or defective?

If the items you’ve delivered to you are broken or have manufacturing detect, email it on You have to mention your receipt number, order number, and Name, along with a clear picture of the product in which the breakage or defects is visible. Here it’s important to know that this should be done within seven days of delivery.

5. What to do if my pin code is out of the delivery area?

If your postal pin code is out of the delivery area, contact borosil at, and they will guide you further or look for a local courier service provider.


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