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If you want to purchase and sell currencies online, you’ll need a few forex trading tactics under your belt. Not only will this secure your bankroll, but it will also provide you a much higher chance of producing consistent, risk-averse gains.

The best forex trading methods ensure that you achieve the ideal balance of risk management and upside potential. The tactics we will describe in this tutorial can be employed by forex traders and scalpers of all sizes – particularly those with little to no expertise in the currency market.

1: Understand the Fundamentals

The greatest forex trading strategy for people who are just getting started in the realm of currency speculation is to make sure you understand the fundamentals. If you don’t, you’ll almost certainly lose money on your forex investments.

Although there is much to learn about online forex trading, we believe there are three key pillars to completely comprehend. Pairs, pips, and commands are all included.

Forex Pairs 

Forex markets are traded in pairs, which often include two competing currencies. The market category – which includes majors, minors, and exotics – will be determined by the specific currencies inside each pair.

The finest forex trading methods will tell you to concentrate on big pairings.

These are currency pairs that include the US dollar and another powerful currency, such as the Japanese yen or the Euro.

Importantly, these pairs are the most traded in the forex market, and as a result, they have the highest liquidity, the narrowest spreads, and the lowest levels of volatility.

Minor pairs, on the other hand, feature two strong currencies but never the US dollar. Examples include the following: EUR/GBP and NZD/AUD.

Forex Pips

Understanding how percentage in points – or PIPs – function is also an important tactic. In a nutshell, pips are determined when the exchange rate of a currency pair fluctuates (the market moves up and down). Aside from Japanese yen pairs, most user-friendly forex trading programs will show five digitals following the decimal.

Forex Orders

When buying and selling currencies on a day trading platform, you must notify your broker of your desired position.

As an example:

  • If you believe the USD/CAD will rise, you should place a purchase order.
  • If you believe the USD/CAD will fall, you should put a sell order.

2: Experiment with a Day Trading Simulator.

After you’ve done your research on forex pairs, pips, and order types, it’s time to start trading. However, we strongly advise you to make it your morning routine to begin with a day trading simulator. These are essentially demo accounts provided by online brokers that allow you to trade in live currency market conditions without putting any money at risk.

3: Make a Budget Management Plan.

Once you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time practicing on a forex demo account and feel ready to begin trading with real money, prepare a bankroll management plan.

This, in its most basic form, ensures that you never risk more than a specific amount on each deal. This should be specified in percentage terms and multiplied by the current balance of your brokerage account.

4: Learn to Trade Swings

You may believe that the majority of currency speculators are day traders, meaning that they open and close bets in a matter of hours or even minutes. Some of the most successful currency traders, however, choose to use a swing trading approach.

The main reason for this is because you are not under any pressure to close a trade before the end of the day. On the contrary, forex swing trading provides significantly more flexibility, allowing you to hold positions open for hours, days, or even weeks.

5: Take into account Automated Forex Trading.

Consider an automated system as the ideal forex trading method for those who lack understanding of technical or fundamental analysis. By this, we mean trading completely autonomously — relying on pre-programmed software from a Copy Trading platform.

In terms of software, this will take the shape of a forex EA (expert advisor), which is essentially a trading robot. The robot will be purchased from a third party and installed in MT4. When you activate the robot or forex EA, it will begin trading on your behalf.

6: Learn Technical Analysis by Enrolling in a Forex Trading Course

You will need to comprehend technical analysis at some point in your forex trading career. After all, reading and interpreting pricing charts is the best forex trading method used by seasoned investors. The only way to do this is to learn about the market’s many technical indicators.

These indicators will seek to study a forex pair’s historical pricing data and look for a specific trend. For example, the technical indicator will examine to see if a forex pair is overbought or oversold, or if a specific support or resistance level is going to be violated.

7: Ensure that you are using a low-cost platform.

One of the finest forex signals, which is frequently forgotten by newcomers, is to ensure that your chosen broker has extremely minimal fees. After all, many of the greatest forex day trading methods mentioned today will be impossible to use if your broker charges large commissions or wide spreads. Instead, you’ll discover that your risk-averse profit margins are being eaten away by high trading expenses.


In addition to tight spreads, your preferred forex broker should have minimal commissions. In fact, the finest online forex brokers will not charge you any commissions at all. This includes sites like eToro and AvaTrade, which we’ll go over in more detail later.

In other circumstances, your chosen broker may charge a percentage commission. For instance, if you are quoted 0.2 percent and bet $2,000, you will pay a $4 commission to enter the market. When you close the trade, you will be charged another 0.2 percent commission.

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