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Natural sources of Protein for WomenNatural sources of Protein for Women

Protein supplement has dominated the supplement industry already with numbers of brands out there that claim to offer the high quality of protein.  As protein is one of the most required nutrients to live a healthy lifestyle, you can’t ignore it. Though there are multiple sources of protein, most women around the world are reported of lacking the right amount of protein. Our lifestyle prevents us from adopting healthy meals so protein needs will be fulfilled naturally. Women’s protein requirements suffer a lot, so it is a need of the hour to pay attention to requirements of protein for women

Natural sources of protein:

We are surrounded by natural sources of protein but we always make poor choices due to getting influenced by our environment and peers. Here are some of the best natural sources of protein. 

  • Milk and dairy products: Almost everybody is aware of the ally between milk and protein yet most of us use it in our tea or coffee because of various reasons. One of the reasons is that we are not able to get the purest form of milk. Processed milk doesn’t contain the right amount of protein and other nutrients. So, protein supplement becomes an important aspect of meal then. But it is the best to search for pure milk and dairy products to fulfil the protein requirement.
  • Eggs and poultry: Egg is considered the wholesome food and the white part of it consists of the larger amount of protein. One large egg consists of around 6 grams of protein and good to go as breakfast. Breast part of chicken consists of a large amount of protein and people especially in bodybuilding prefer to consume it for their protein requirements. And these taste really great to them.
  • Almonds: These nuts are the rich source so nutrients, vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, fiber, protein, and others. 28 grams of almonds consist of 6 gram protein that is equal to the protein a large egg consists of. The best way to consume almonds is to soak them in the water throughout the night and eat in the morning by peeling them off. 
  • Greek Yogurt: The yogurt offers various health benefits including a healthy gut, increased good bacteria in the intestine, better immunity and many more. Along with these, it consists of 17 grams of protein in 170 gram.  Always remember while purchasing the yogurt that it should be sugar free and avoid full fat yogurt as it consists of a larger amount of calories though high in protein. 
  • Herbs: You may be surprised to know that there are various herbs that offer you good amounts of protein. As we are living in a world where cardiac related diseases predominate, depending on animal based protein can increase the risk. So, it is best to segway to plant based protein that includes ginger, basil, poppy seed, parsley, turmeric, dill seed, spearmint, anise seed, garlic, fenugreek seed, mustard seed, and many others. 


Women’s bodies are very different from men’s so they require larger amounts of high quality protein.  Sticking up to all these natural sources, you will find yourself healthy, energetic, and satisfied. 


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