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What are different Netflix Error Codes?

There are many Netflix Error Codes. Some of the most common Netflix Error Codes and the ways to fix those codes are mentioned. Give a read to this article and know the error codes. 


  • Netflix Error Code 11800


When there is a problem during the playback of the content in which you are interested using a mobile phone. Error code 11800 is accompanied by the following two messages. 

  • A problem has occurred while playing the content. Try again later, or try to select different content.
  • Cannot plat title, please try again later.

This error shows that the content on your devices is outdated, and you need to refresh the information. Usually, this error is seen on the Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone.


  • Netflix Error Code M7111-1331


The error can occur due to two reasons. One reason might be when you use Netflix form a different browser, particularly form Chrome. At first, this error may indicate that you are trying to use a link to get an access to the page which does not exist anymore. You nee dto visit the direct Netflix website to fix this error.

The second reason could be that the browser extensions are incompatible. You need to disable browser extensions to fix this error.


  • Netflix Error Code F7111-5059


The reason for this error is when you access Netflix from a search engine using a proxy or VPN. Netflix allows to show some content in restricted regions or countries, and the users outside the region or country are restricted from accessing that content. Form the past few years, people have been using a proxy or VPN to access Netflix, and it has cracked down.

This error becomes more irritating when you are using proxy or VPN for security purposes instead of aiming to change the region in the case when you cannot connect safely to the Netflix website. 

To fix this error, you need to disconnect your proxy or VPN and to reload the page.


  • Netflix Error Code 10013


Such error occurs when a user is download a movie or an episode using the Netflix website while being connected to a proxy or VPN. You will come to see the message, such as “There was an error with the download. (10013). 

You need to disable your VPN or proxy to fix this error. Once you have disabled the VPN, you are free to download the video.


  • Netflix Error (AVF:11800;OS:42800;)


While you are using Netflix application, you can even download movies or episodes on your device even when you have not any access to an internet connection. But sometimes, you have a problem in downloading the video and see a message saying that This title is no longer available and you cannot watch it offline.(AVF:11800;OS:42800;)

This error means that the downloaded content in which you are interested in watching has corrupted and sometimes moved or deleted. We do not have any method to overcome this error. All you need is to download the file again.

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