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New Website? There are 10 Off-Page SEO Techniques you should know if you are a blogger or a search engine optimization agency. Search Engine Boss Google has changed its algorithms and SERP ranking factors a number of times over the past few years. Will it be effective in the future? We learned yesterday!

We do not know whether the technique will work tomorrow. We learned yesterday!  Learn a new SEO technique every day by reading a new article. You should be aware of each SEO technique that can help you increase the rank of your blog as an SEO professional. Off-page SEO is also important to enhance your brand online. Most people are familiar with on-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

  1. Search Engine Submission

Submit your blog to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and other major search engines. Make your blog visible online first.

Visit the link https://www.google.com/webmasters  for submitting your blog to Google and for bing and yahoo submission use https://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster.
Please submit all the details about your blog, including the author’s information. Search engines will be able to find your blog easier if you verify all submission links.

2. Blog Directory Submission

Submitting your website to directories is a great way to get new visitors, Pageviews, and backlinks for your site. Many blog directories provide you with high-quality backlinks with good traffic to your blog.

  1. Article Submission

Article submission is a great way to gain attention online. It is possible to submit articles to a variety of high-PR blogs and directories. These sites and blogs will allow you to get good exposure online. Do-follow links are sometimes offered in the author’s profile for blog posts on some sites.

4. Social Media Updates & Bookmarking

Your social media profiles should be updated. All web-link options in your profile should include your blog link. Make sure you share all of your content on social media. Start writing viral content and submit it to all social bookmarking sites.

5. Build Backlinks

Your website needs quality backlinks. Develop high-quality backlinks using all legal methods. Target your anchor text with highly relevant keywords. Google will rank your site higher if you have high-quality backlinks.

6. Blog Commenting

It is very common for Bloggers to use this technique to build traffic and backlinks to their blogs. Post comments on all niche and related blogs and websites. Include a link to your blog. Be sure to leave a meaningful comment and a link that contains relevant keywords.

7. Guest Posting 

There are some bloggers who may not agree with this point because guest posting is now a history of the past, but according to me, guest posting is still a good option to reach your niche and related audiences. Guest posts are a great way for bloggers to get high-quality traffic to their blogs. Pick a few top blogs and sites to write for and submit some great content for their review.

8. Forum Posting

List the top online forums with high PR and start posting there. Make your thread’s title meaningful. If you find someone writing about your niche, reply to their posts on blog-related topics. Avoid spamming and keep your posts simple. Make sure your signature contains the URL of your blog.

9. Video Submission

Submit your video posts to all video hosting and sharing sites, to promote your blog. YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing site and it also provides backlinks with a high PR to your blog.

10. Press Release Submission

Make sure you send a press release about your business, blog, and upcoming events to all the press release sites. Your press release will be exposed widely on the web, and many PR sites will provide you with do-follow backlinks that lead to one-way traffic.

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