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Do you find it challenging to keep up with the latest tech developments? Even those who love to stay informed about new products and gadgets don’t have time to track every news story or manufacturing breakthrough. It’s simple enough to keep an eye on the most popular items in the marketplace, like electric car improvements and home security enhancements. And there is no shortage of opportunities to learn about the tech trends that transformed startups and the business world in general. 

But what about the lesser-known companies and products that don’t get as much media attention? This interesting group includes recent upgrades and advances in video conferencing, remote diagnostics for vehicles, home elevators, and mobile friendly investing. There are more, but those four are at the top of many consumers’ lists as the holiday season revs up. Here are additional details about each one.

Video Conference Rooms

Often called zoom rooms after one of the first video conferencing platforms, the latest developments in this field are truly impressive. They include high resolution images, extra-large screens, more realistic audio, and hundreds of customizable features for business users who prefer to conduct virtual instead of in-person presentations. For homeowners, the trend has taken an unusual turn. Because so many people work at home, people are discovering a need for dedicated video conference rooms where family members can use a designated chair in front of a green screen and enjoy seamless video chatting with groups or individuals.

Home Elevators

More homeowners opt to install home elevators as prices come down and the technology becomes even more space efficient. For example, super compact yet spacious residential elevators are now a popular add-on to existing homes whose owners want a safe, elegant way to get from floor to floor. Not only are residential elevators a high-tech addition to any home, they’re also showing up in many newly built houses in upscale locations. Homes with elevators tend to have higher resale values and sell faster due to their uniqueness.

Mobile-Based Investing

One of the most significant advances in the investing world is not what people invest in but how they do it. Gone are the days when you needed to use a desktop or laptop computer to make deals. In the fast-paced world of mobile investing, all you need is an enabled phone, watch, tablet, or other devices. Anytime, anywhere trading is transforming the securities industry because more people now choose to trade part-time in fields like stocks, bonds, precious metals, and cryptocurrency. Commissions for mobile traders are low or nonexistent, which means there are fewer barriers for people who like the idea of building a portfolio on the go.

Remote Car Diagnostics

In a world where every new car’s engine contains a sophisticated computer, advances in diagnostic devices were waiting to happen. These days, the hottest sellers at automotive stores are plug-in units that fit directly under most steering wheels. What can they do? The mini-computers have the power to examine all of the engine’s systems, parts, and fluid levels. You can set the unit to send the data to your phone or email address. Plus, you can send the report to your preferred mechanic and get a detailed estimate of how long the repairs will take and the total cost.

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