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The principle of operation of night vision application is based on the conversion of infrared (IR) radiation into the visible using an electron-optical converter (EOP) and on the amplification of low levels of brightness created at the observed object by the illumination of the night sky, stars and the moon in visible and near infrared -regions of the spectrum

Night vision application are widely used for monitoring, aiming and driving vehicles in both military and civilian vehicles. They are widely used to ensure the operation of border, customs, rescue services, are used for industrial technological control, ensuring mining, in scientific research, for monitoring the behavior of animals, night orientation on the ground, for astronomical observations, etc. Particularly noteworthy is the use of night vision devices to ensure the security and operation of security services,. Night vision application allow covert surveillance and, if necessary, high-precision shooting at night and at night. Night vision application have low cost, high reliability, small weight and dimensions, ease of handling and maintenance, high performance, significant time of continuous operation. All this led to the widespread use of Night vision application in security and safety systems. high performance, significant uptime.


Until the middle of the 20th century, only some birds and animals had the privilege of recognizing objects and seeing in pitch darkness. But with the development of military technology, man finally got such an opportunity. Even before the start of World War II, German manufacturers were developing the first night-vision devices that worked by means of active illumination in the infrared range and image amplification by an electron-optical converter with a photocathode. Prototypes were used in tank troops and allowed safe movement of equipment at night, without fear of the enemy.

To date, night vision Night vision application have received quite civilian applications. They are actively used in rescue operations, aviation, navigation, and even in especially extreme travel. As for non-professional use, NVD is often used by experienced hunters and now in photography. And, despite the fact that even a modern device of the latest generations remains quite expensive, there are plenty of affordable models on the market that can give everyone who wants to be able to actively participate in wildlife nightlife. The night vision application is now available for mobile camera .

Lens diameter

The objective of the lens is to collect as much dim light from the object of observation as possible, respectively, the larger the lens, the brighter the image the device can build.

line of sight

The field of view is usually indicated in degrees, all other things being equal, the larger it is, the better. In the dark, even with a night vision device can be difficult to navigate. A larger viewing angle will allow you to cover a large area for observation.


The characteristics of the device often indicate the focus range, i.e. working distances at which the NVD will be able to give a clear picture. Be sure to pay attention to this feature and see how it fits your needs.


For night vision devices, the resolution is indicated in the number of visible strokes per millimeter. Other things being equal, this value completely depends on the generation used in the design of the electron-optical converter. The higher the resolution, the finer details you can see at large distances.

Weight and dimensions of the device

These characteristics are extremely important, especially during prolonged and active use of the device. This is especially true for sights, which seriously increase the weight and dimensions of the rifle. As always, acquiring a more expensive product, you will get the best quality of optics and mechanics, as well as a design well optimized by engineers, which will have reasonable dimensions. A high quality of mobile camera is preferable for it.

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