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Are you tired of visiting Johor Bahru’s “shopping mall” spots for every holiday?


Johor Bahru is home to many delicious delicacies like uda-uda and handmade wonton pastas. It also has great shopping malls and amusement parks that are perfect for families, couples and friends who are on vacation or day trips.


Here are some places I’d like to show you that offer a short cultural day trip, while you enjoy your vacation in Johor Bahru.


  1. Little Red Cube

The Little Red Cube is where you will find the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park. It also houses Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, The Little Big Club, and many other retailers. It can be found in Puteri Harbour’s waterfront marina.


Little Red Cube was created by Destination Resorts and Hotels. It’s a place that brings together families and friends.


There are 88 retail lots spread across two floors. The marina has a promenade that overlooks the Straits of Johor. Little Red Cube is a unique shopping center in Johor that offers an exclusive experience. Little Red Cube ambassadors are available to provide helpful information and directions to help you get to the attractions.


  1. Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

The Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque is located on Jalan Skudai Street and offers a bird’s-eye view of the Straits of Johor. It is located very close to The Royal Abu Bakar Museum. The Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque was built in 1900 and combines two styles.


These styles are a mix of Victorian and Moorish styles with some Malay influences. It is forbidden for non-muslims to enter the mosque. You must wear modest, decent clothes as a sign of respect. Shoes must be removed before entering the museum. The Johor’s closest hotel to the state mosque is Thistle Hotel. These hotels are centrally located in Johor Bahru which makes it easy for tourists to travel throughout the day.


  1. Johor Zoo

The heart of Johor Bahru is Jalan Gertak Melah. It is close to the Royal Museum and Johor Bahru Palace Grouds. Zoo Johor was established in 1928. It is Malaysia’s oldest zoo.


Zoo Johor houses more than 100 animals. This includes endangered species like gorillas and sea otters. Johor Zoo also houses common animals such as horses, lions and flamingos.


The zoo is clean and well-organized. There are food stalls selling healthy food. Johor Zoo is great for the whole family. There are animal shows available during scheduled times. Entry costs RM3 per person.


  1. Jalan Wong Ah Fook

Jalan Wong Ah Fook is a major road in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. It is located in central Johor Bahru. It is also the busiest road in the city.


Jalan Wong Ah Fook has many great and affordable options for food, such as Restoran Annalakshmi Johor Bahru and Hiap Joo Bakery. Johor Old Chinese Temple, Johor Bahru Square Mall are also nearby.


Jalan Wong Ah Food is a bustling street that serves delicious local food. It’s located near Johor Bahru City Square Mall. Here you will find JB food and drinks.


Johor Bahru has many outdoor attractions, as well as shopping malls that can be used to shop. There are many things to do in Johor Bahru after you arrive.


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