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This blog by Cliffhangers India is going to answer the question, ‘What makes the Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek so famous?’

The Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek is like a beautiful ‘Trekcation’ (trek + vacation) in the alpines.

Kashmir is a dream destination for most. There are loads of Kashmir tour packages available for solo travelers, groups, families, couples and trekkers. In short, Kashmir plays a host to everyone.

Now, let’s take a look at the various treks that Kashmir offers and what makes the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek so famous among them all?

With a lot of treks available here in Kashmir. Kashmir besides being called as the paradise on earth can also be referred to as a trekker’s dream destination. Various treks such as the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Pahalgam’sTarsarMarsar Trek, Naranag Mahlish Trek, NaranagGangabal Trek, Kolahoi Glacier Trek, Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek, Khilanmarg Trek, Sanasar Trek, Patnitop Trek, Narang Mahlish Trek and SonmargVishansar Trek can be experienced here.

Among all these attractive and adventurous treks, the Kashmir Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek has become famous. Let’s head on to knowing what makes the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek so famous?

  • Beautiful Blue Lakes:

The beautiful blue hue of the lakes in Kashmir is one of the biggest reasons for making the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek famous.

We will take a look at the reason why the lakes in Kashmir look so beautiful blue?

The Kashmir lakes are oligotrophic. Which means, these lakes exist in cold and high-altitude regions with low nutrient levels. But being highly oxygen-rich, they are conducive to the survival of a lot of fish who depend on cold, oxygenated waters. The low nutrient levels are the cause for a lack of algae and aquatic plants in the lake, making the lake look super-clean and crystal clear. Most of these lakes in Kashmir are formed from the glaciers and these glacially fed lakes reflect the skylight making them look stunning blue! Now, imagine how beautiful it would be to come across almost seven such cool blue lakes during the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. Isn’t that a valid reason to make the trail of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek so famous?

  • The lush green meadows decorated with wildflowers:

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek involves walking through the lush green meadows, wild flowers and impressive flora and fauna of Kashmir. This picturesque landscape beauty is another reason for making the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek famous.

  • Clean and fresh air:

Most of the city dwellers know how dull it is to live in the traffic covered, polluted atmosphere. When one steps in Kashmir the one thing that your body will appreciate is the flow of fresh clean oxygenated air going in and refreshing you to the core.

Breathing the fresh air, gulping down hot Kashmiri chai and delicacies, coming across the pleasant Kashmiri culture, gaining amazing memories are the reasons which make this trek healthy, interesting, and famous!

That’s not all. Let’s also take a glimpse of the highlights of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek to get a quick idea about what make the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek fascinating and oh so famous:

  • Highest altitude gained on this trek is 13,800ft. This does give the best feeling ever when you reach the peak!
  • The seven pristine Kashmir lakes.
  • Picturesque landscapes for keeping you busy clicking photographs all throughout the trek.
  • Getting an experience of trekking in almost all types of terrain.
  • Healthy food and beverages are available even at that altitude.
  • Coming across friendly Kashmiri people and national and international trekkers during the trek.
  • A happy mind because of spending time with friends. No internet. Good rest and enough sleeping time.

Looking forward, let’s see what is essential to be on this trek:

  • Physical fitness with pre-preparation: Some pre- preparation is required for a high-altitude trek like this one. Strength training, cardio exercising, stretching, hydration, etc. should be on your fitness regime well in advance that is before proceeding on the trek plan. One can start the fitness training at least 6 weeks before, and persist.
  • Travel planning: Jammu and Kashmir or Srinagar is well connected via Airlines, railway trains, buses and taxis. Vistara and AirAsia are two reputed airline operators providing very good service for this region.

The glance of the inclusions of a Kashmir Great Lakes trek will also explain further why this trek is famous?

  • Houseboat stay at Nigeen lake
  • Beautiful drive to Sonamarg
  • Trek to Nichnai (altitude:11,500 ft)
  • Trek to Vishansar (altitude:12,172 ft)
  • Trek to Gadsar (altitude:13,800 ft)
  • Trek to Satsar (altitude:11,810 ft)
  • Trek to Gangabal twin lakes (altitude:11,730 ft)
  • Descend to Naranag village altitude: 6,982 ft)
  • Buffer day at Srinagar city
  • Comfortable Departure

Hope we could give you a good idea about what makes the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek famous!

Another, equally famous and adventurous trek of Kashmir is the TarsarMarsar Trek. This trek is the most spectacular treks of Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir. Lots of Kashmir tour packages offer the Tarsar Marsar Trek all year long. The best time though for the Tarsar Marsar Trek is from April to September. The Tarsar Marsar Trek is of moderate difficulty level and suitable for fit individuals of 15+ years of age. Children of 10 years or more should be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Tarsar Marsar Trek is an evidently beautiful trek. It starts at the basecamp Aru near Pahalgam. Aru is at a distance of around 12km from Pahalgam.

The Tarsar Marsar Trek is endowed with an adventurous trail along with the view of three beautiful alpine lakes- Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundarsar. The Tarsar Marsar Trek let’s you explore Kashmir’s alpine meadows, lush green pastures and the awesome night sky gazing. The look at the starry night sky showing a glimpse of the Milky way is truly fascinating. For refreshments, Kashmiri chai and cuisine is also made available by the tour and trek operators.

To be fully prepared to go on the Tarsar Marsar Trek you can go through the detailed itinerary, dos and don’ts , essentials to carry and travel guide provided by your respective trek planner or readily available Tarsar Marsar Trek guide, to make your Tarsar Marsar Trek a truly pleasant, safe and comfortable experience.

Cliffhangers India is a specialised tour and trek planner, registered with the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department. Cliffhangers India can offer you some of the best Kashmir tour packages including but not limited to Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Tarsar Marsar Trek, Gulmarg and Sonamarg tour packages, Srinagar tour packages and Kashmir treks. Keep traveling and enjoying with Cliffhangers India!

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