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The best online casinos for e-sports betting have the best odds, we already told you at the beginning of the article. Find out how to find the best online casinos below. So much can be said: We are experts in the field and present various recommendations on our site (of course, all are licensed), which have extensive offers for e-sports betting up their sleeve.

But now to the odds: If you pay attention, you will notice that bookmakers do not always agree on the odds. You can use this to your advantage. Each side has its own betting experts who try to make judgments. This can be difficult at times – but it’s good for you. Mistakes always fit. In fact, it sometimes happens that the starting quota key was calculated completely unrealistically. If you are lucky, you will be placing a bet that has an excellent starting point for you.


Tips for finding the best online casino for e-sports betting 

Did we get your taste in it? Would you like to know where you can try your luck? We have some best online casino tips for you! Take a look around and find out more about the online gambling bookmakers that have an edge in the market. We also like to point out that only serious and licensed online casinos can make it onto our comparison website. Here is an overview of what we pay attention to in our reviews:

  • Security and license: Without a license, a provider has no chance to land on our site. An EU license is available for all platforms that we present here. The data protection and fairness of the bets are also certain.
  • Betting offer: The more options you have, the better. Suppose you want to be one of the best online casinos for e-sports betting. In that case, you have various games on offer and also offer a variety of betting options.
  • Bet on the go: mobile bets are now available almost everywhere. So you don’t have to be at your laptop at home to place bets and watch games like CSGO, WoW, LOL and FIFA. 
  • Make sure that the offer is right on the go.
  • Customer service: If you have any questions, customer service must be available. Someone should be available at least during the day, but ideally 24 hours a day.
  • Payment methods: On the website of good online gambling providers, they clearly inform you about deposit and withdrawal methods at the online casinos. We will also find out how long you have to wait for withdrawals.
  • Bonus offers: You don’t have to do without a welcome bonus at a first-class betting provider. In addition, there are often loyalty programs that are fun for a long time.


E-sports Bonus: Make the most of your bet

In our ratings, we always take a close look at the bonus promotions. Online bookmakers are now extremely creative when it comes to campaigns for online sports betting and e-sports. After all, you want to create an incentive to convince betting fans to register on a page. You will then primarily come across two types of bonus promotions:

  • Bonus with deposit
  • Free bets or free credit

The no deposit e-sports bonus gives you the opportunity to place a bet without any real money. You will receive a free bet in the form of bonus credit from the online bookmaker. What do you have to do for it? Right, register! But nothing more. Afterward, the free credit belongs to you; only a bonus code sometimes has to be entered – but without any real money deposit. 

The deposit bonus, on the other hand, requires a deposit. But that doesn’t mean that this bonus makes less sense, for example, deposit 10 euros and get an additional 10 euros, so you have 20 euros to wager on. So you also get more for your money with this bonus. In addition, the bonus conditions for these promotions are usually less stringent, making it easier for you to meet the wagering requirements. The reason is obvious: If a bookmaker grants a bonus without any deposit, he places very strict conditions on the users so as not to lose too much of their own money. Otherwise, the bookmakers certainly went bankrupt quickly.


E-sports betting – questions and answers

Are you still feeling a little unsure and don’t know where to start? We will answer the most important questions for you again shortly. You can check more about E-sport  betting from this site


Do you legally play e-sports?

Yes, because these bets are equated with other sports betting offers. It is therefore important that you only play with licensed online casinos. An EU license must be available; a German license is of course also permitted. Also, always check whether German players are allowed on one side. There are usually no problems with EU sites. 

How safe is my deposit at e-sports bookmakers?

Decide on a page we have presented, and you can always feel safe. If you go on the search yourself, you should always check the license. This provides information about whether you are dealing with a reputable bookmaker.

Which bonus campaign is most worthwhile?

It depends on how you play and what you value. There are basically bonuses with and without a deposit. In addition, the bonus terms determine whether you are dealing with a good or less lucrative offer. So check if the wagering requirements can be met and what is the maximum bonus amount that can be converted into real money.

How do I find the best online casino for e-sports betting?

The best online casinos are convinced with their offer, good customer service, many deposit options, and a serious online gambling license. Feel free to choose one of the pages that we present to you here. We also provide detailed reviews of every platform.

Can I place and track e-sports bets on the go?

Yes, with most bookmakers, you will have easy access to the page via the mobile browser. You can deposit and withdraw money on the go, place various bets and view current odds.

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