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Skills testing in recruitment is a certified way of proving an individual as talented and deserving of a job role. And online skills testing software is an essential tool for recruitment these days.

Online skills testing and its advantages

These online tests have been useful during the global pandemic outbreak when everyone had to resort to remote recruiting. The right tools were needed to navigate this new stage of recruitment. From online skills testing to digital interviews, agencies needed a good recruitment software and corresponding tools to continue delivering quality work to clients.

Recruitment agencies encourage candidate skills assessment when recruiters are vetting the list of applicants.

The introduction of online skills testing has inserted a new advantage. Now recruiters have a more convenient way of evaluating promising candidates. Online skills testing software affords both recruiter and candidate the facility of sending and taking the test from anywhere that’s convenient for them. It is quick and hassle-free – all they need is a computer and an Internet connection.

This benefits recruiters who find the responsibility of arranging the right time, date and venue for tests completely removed. Instead, they can simply send a single email with the test link to as many candidates as they like.

Online skills testing is also favourable for candidates. They don’t need to come in physically to a venue which saves them time. As long as they have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device, their tests can be taken from home or during a long commute.

Popular skills tests and their importance

There is a large collection of skills tests in the market today. Some of the very popular ones include literacy and numeracy tests, and MS Office skills test to typing and data entry skills tests.

Literacy and numeracy skills tests are suitable for every type of job role. These tests measure an applicant’s capacity to deal with numbers as well as their grammar and comprehension skills which are crucial for different jobs.

MS Office is a set of common office tools that every office worker is required to know. So, the MS Office skills tests are a way of ensuring that candidates have the correct knowledge and skill to use these on an everyday basis.

Other popular skills tests are data entry and typing. These happen to be very popular for assessing candidate proficiency in data entry and other admin roles.

Recruiters use skills testing software to evaluate their candidates in different fields. When candidates sit for typing skills tests, it helps recruiters to gauge their skill in typing quickly and accurately. It is fundamental for all admin roles in offices. Anyone applying for clerical or secretarial work is expected to be a competent typist. Their job demands their typing skills to be at a higher standard than most.

Therefore, recruiters will frequently use skills testing software to evaluate the level of an individual’s skills. The tests are divided into different levels so that recruiters can assign relevant tests to each group of applicants.

Entry-level roles will have candidates trying to answer basic questions while the mid-level or senior professionals will have to show a higher level of competence in each test.

Skills testing software also generates results instantly which helps advance the hiring process quickly. Armed with the candidates’ results, recruiters and hiring managers can make more educated decisions while selecting the best-qualified applicant from the group.

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