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Dating a Local Guy

Dating has never been a big deal for many people until they got into later years of life. School life is the first exposure for many people to the idea of dating, as you could hear what other boys and girls talk about dating and what they were interested in. 

To many this way, the first exposure they had to adult dating is that as you get older, you should start dating people and having long life commitments. The move comes as many people portrayed in big-screen movies are happy couples who are fortunate to get married and live the rest of their lives making each other happy. 

However, that mentality is beginning to change as many who started dating right in high school choose adult dating instead of marriage. The couples that were considered high school sweethearts or college best couples are going their separate ways. 

The same Hollywood movies often show that singles are lonely. The lives of those people who are not dating or actively looking for a partner are often depressing. On the other hand, the reality is that this is further from the truth as some of the happiest people are single and loving it.

Famous actress Whoopi Goldberg talked about marriage on her show and said,

“I don’t get married because I do not want anyone in my house. I like my space and my freedom; I don’t want to have to think about another person’s comfort in my own private space.”

Her reaction to the issue was considered severe, as not many people would think of the love of their lives as infringing on their personal space. However, it also opened a can of worms as many people dating realized that eventually, they did it because society expected it from them. Many want the dating life for just a few hours in a day, after which they get their own private lives again.

Basketball star Nick young, after his breakup from musician ex-girlfriend Iggy Azalea, stated,

“Times have changed, you meet people online, and your needs are satisfied. It doesn’t have to progress and evolve into something else you are not ready for.”

He addressed the media speaking on needs being satisfied. It’s easy to see what he meant. Celebrities and ordinary people are flocking on adult dating sites to get the perfect match for their fetishes and kinks. With both parties getting what they want and desire, it does not spiral out into a “bigger house moving together” life-changing event when all you were seeking was a one-night stand.

Changing Society Mindset

Society is so focused on finding the perfect someone for everyone that it’s a cultural thing. Arranged marriages are the norm in many Asian and African countries. Dowries are paid as marriage mates are exchanged in the name of family and combining wealth. Although some dowork, many are eager to have these practices die as their “chosen” partner may not even have been their first choice if it were up to them.

People should have freedom of choice in other matters, and it should be the same when it comes to dating. Online dating is considered a great place to begin searching for the right one if that is the ultimate goal. With practically thousands of profiles to choose from, one is bound to catch someone’s eye, and they click in everything. 

The best part about online dating is that everyone has a detailed profile stating what they like or dislike and their preferences. No one goes in there blind, and you are sure to be looking for the same thing when you match.

The Convenience of Online Dating

Growing older and reaching maturity, people have different goals than they usually would right out of high school and college. People are more focused on their mental health and personal needs. “Me time” is now more critical, and having to go through the ropes of meeting someone and finding out they don’t have the same goals is becoming frustrating.

 Many people are online dating to save time too. The idea of having to sit through hours of a terrible date is out the window, as no one has that kind of spare time. Money is also saved as armed only with a subscription to the adult dating site; the conversation can flow both ways before deciding to meet and only when convenient. 

More Than Love

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow expressed her disappointment in having to share her home with her husband, Brad Falchuk. After getting married and living separately for almost one year, they decided to move in together, but it was not all happiness oozing from her.

“My sex life is over,” she lamented over the issue.

The truth is as people get in the same space, they behave differently, and sex is the last thing they want. Although she wanted to be with her husband, the thought of getting cooped up in the same house sounded heartless.

With sex life being one of the most important reasons people get married, it leads to unhappy marriages if it dries out. Unhappy marriages lead to divorce as divorce rates are higher, according to statistics.

Is being single going to be the new normal? Singleness is embraced for those seeking to remain single. It does not mean that sexual needs have to be placed on the back burner. By looking through hornywife reviews, it’s clear that everyone can get their perfect match without any problems. 

Single life is, to an extent, the new normal for many people. With adult dating online gaining traction, it’s slowly being accepted that people can live their lives. It is without worrying about society’s confines and having their needs satisfied by going online and getting the right match.

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