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Slots have a reputation for being easy, yet this isn’t exactly the entire truth. Although many are relatively simple to play, there are others that are much more complicated, and as a new player, or even just someone who has played before and doesn’t want anything confusing to deal with, it can be hard to know which slot to choose at Spin Palace.

What is going to be easy and what is going to be hard? Here are some things to look out for in order to pick the easiest games to enjoy. 

Minimum Reels

When slots were first invented, they only had three reels. Most of the time, these reels had five symbols on them. This meant there were 15 symbols in total, and you only needed three of those symbols to line up to make you a winner. It sounds easy, but of course everything was random and the chances of winning were still slim.

As the years went by, more reels and symbols were added, and that meant there were more paylines. This was good for some people, but it did make those slots more complicated. If, therefore, you’re looking for a slot that is easy to play, finding one with the smallest number of reels you can (usually three) is best. You can always build up to more if you feel you want to.

Simple Graphics

The graphics can take up a large part of the developer’ budget on a slot game, and although we could never say that all slots with amazing graphics have dull gameplay, there is a worry that this could be the case. Alternatively, it could be that the opposite is true; a developer invest a lot into the game as a whole, and therefore games with amazing graphics can offer a confusing and complicated way to play. 

In other words, unless you are particularly interested in the way a slot game looks, it’s best to stay away from this particular type of game if you want something simple. A simple game will have simple graphics that don’t detract or distract from the game itself. Seeing a game with simple graphics should indicate that the game itself is an easy one to play. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but in general terms this is a good way to look at things.

Low Minimum Bets

It’s best to have a financial budget when you’re playing slots. When you do this, you know you’re not going to accidentally overspend and put yourself into financial difficulties for the rest of the month. To make your gameplay last for longer, you’ll want to find slots that have a low minimum bet. If, for example, you only have to pay a penny each time you spin, your budget – whatever it is – is going to last a lot longer than if you have to pay £1 or more per spin. 

The more time you have to play, the more you can understand about the game you’re playing, and this will make it easier to play. Plus, more spins means more chances of getting a winning combination of symbols, and although the pay out will be small when you’re only spending a little bit of money, something is definitely better than nothing.

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