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Online slots are nothing like they used to be when they were first invented. The slot industry has undergone some major technological advancements; from the mechanical one-armed bandits to online slots, to 3D and Virtual reality slots – play Bonanza on King Casino.

While Virtual Reality slots are not yet mainstream, many players have jumped on the 3D slot bandwagon, and for good reason. If you have not given them a try yet, let’s take a look at some 3D slot features that you will love.

Exceptional Graphics

It is undeniable that the quality of slot games has improved over time. However, 3D slots are taking it to a whole other level. The graphics come alive to the extent that you almost get transported to an alternate reality. For that moment in time, you are immersed in another world. This is not a bad thing, as most people play slots as a means of escape. Now they can get fully immersed in the slots they love so dearly.

Detailed and Animated Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are not new in the online slot industry. Most modern slots have them and we have come to expect them in new releases. However, none of these bonus games can compare to 3D slot bonus games. 3D bonus games are similar to that of regular slots but with 3D storylines. This makes playing them an incomparable experience. You can expect anything from video episodes to lively introductions.

Skill-Based Bonus Rounds

Slots are known for the fact that they are entirely random. However, if you are someone who prefers more of a challenge, then 3D slots have got you covered. Some 3D slots feature bonus games that require some skill to win. For example, you might need to hit a bull’s eye with an arrow or sink a golf ball. This is great for players who want to feel like they had a part in their success.

Stacked Bonus Symbols

Almost all 3D slot games include stackable symbols that are there for the sole reason of creating bigger rewards. One of the main reasons why is because it is quite difficult to create them in simple 2D slot games. It just does not look right.

Exciting Features

There are just some slot features that are more common in 3D slots. They include stacked and expanding wilds, multipliers, free spins, detailed pick and win bonuses and so much more.

More Rewarding

While 3D slots are played in the same way as regular 2D slot, it does offer players more lucrative rewards. These come in the form of exciting mini-games and symbols with special features, e.g. special wilds, multipliers and randomly triggered bonus rounds.

Overall Immersive Gaming Experience

All of the above characteristics contribute to an overall immersive gaming experience. This is quite a big deal in the online slots industry, as this is usually what is lacking when compared to land-based casinos. While 3D casinos might not fully represent social gambling, it is a step on the way.

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