Mon. May 27th, 2024

HCLSoftware has recently released the latest versions of HCL Launch and HCL Accelerate, which are designed to optimize your deployment process and improve software delivery performance.

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HCL Launch version 7.3.2 is engineered to handle your most complex CI/CD deployment situations with push-button automation and controlled auditing needed in regulated and technically diverse enterprises. On the other hand, HCL Accelerate 4.0.13 is a data-driven value stream management platform that automates the delivery and interpretation of data so businesses can make faster, more strategic decisions and streamline processes.

These versions mark a significant milestone, as they encompass critical bug fixes, new features/capabilities, and security enhancements to ensure a more reliable, secure experience for our users.

Some of the new offerings of the latest versions include:

  • Improved levels of compliance automation and reporting.
  • Jenkins Plugin Migration.
  • Users can submit new deployments while in maintenance mode: A new role-level security permission is added that grants users the ability to perform deployments even when maintenance mode is active. This feature primarily targets Admin users, enabling them to validate the system’s functionality before disabling maintenance mode and allowing regular users to initiate deployments.
  • Split agent properties into versioned and non-versioned properties: Properties defined by users for an Agent are now separated from the out-of-box Agent Properties. User Defined Properties are versioned, and the system will prevent the user from overwriting values from the Agent Properties.

The combined HCLSoftware’s DevOps offerings of Launch and Accelerate are designed to tackle everything from mainframe to microservices and everything in between. They offer continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions that improve software delivery performance and governance with our value stream management software.

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