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You don’t usually read Web hosts and mobile apps in the same sentence. Web hosts are generally used when it comes to websites. And still, there is a link. When we see the increase in mobile app builders, the connection between web hosts and app performance is evident.

How to pick the right web host for optimal app performance?

Choosing a web host to increase app performance is not entirely different from selecting one to enhance website performance. The basics are still the same. With an increase in internet speeds and overall app performance in recent years, one can only imagine this to lead to more expectations among customers and clients.

The following factors will help companies recognise a good web host for both their website and app:

Speed and Uptime

The quality of a web host usually comes down to two crucial metrics – server time and speed. It is the server speed of a web hosting company which shows the time it takes for a host to load a website or an app. The most reliable web hosting providers have speeds ranging from 300-400 ms.

A lower time is naturally beneficial. Therefore, you must verify the speed of a web host before buying plans for hosting both their website and app. For an organisation with millions of website visitors and app users, even a tiny drop in uptime can result in a lot of unhappy customers. It is smart to thus choose web hosting plans that have an optimal uptime.


A simple blog with 50 daily readers can operate on a low bandwidth because there isn’t a requirement for the web host to handle a lot of data. Whereas, a streaming platform with millions of visitors on its platform at any given minute requires a ton of bandwidth. 

If you want to grow your website and app users, you should ensure that your website has sufficient bandwidth.

SSL Certification

Most app builders suggest users get SSL certification for their website before linking it to an app. Web hosting companies these days offer free SSL plans to their customers. For those developing an app using a mobile app builder, it is prudent to choose a web host that provides free SSL certification.


Imagine a scenario – your website and app suddenly crash because of insufficient storage space. How do you handle such a situation and answer your customers? Companies run websites and launch apps to attain a similar level of performance. Entrepreneurs operating small e-commerce stores would never envision their websites and apps malfunctioning because they never see big companies crashing.

Buying a web hosting plan with sufficient storage space is incredibly valuable for companies using app builders. 


The domain and hosting price are always a deciding factor, and you do not have to be modest about it. Every company out there attempts to save money when picking a hosting plan, big or small. Hence, you should not be doubtful about choosing a low-cost hosting plan if it offers more value as compared to an expensive one.

The emergence of app builders has revolutionised the way companies and entrepreneurs typically think about app development and performance. A good web host and optimal hosting plans in India can boost the performance of both your app and website.

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