Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Order Custom Pet Pillow from DiipooOrder Custom Pet Pillow from Diipoo

Make a Custom Pet Pillow from a Photograph of Your Dog. This is ideal for those who adore their current dog or cat but miss a loved one who has passed away.

A pet pillow customized for your pet is part of your squad, the hugs will never end.  These custom pet pillows by Diipoo, which are designed to showcase a picture of your dog or cat prominently, are the cuddly friends that substitute your pet when they are not there.

We recommend bringing your personalized pet photo pillow with you when you travel or overnight away from home so you can never forget your four-legged buddy before going to bed. Our personalized pet photo pillows are well stuffed and ready to provide hours and hours of cuddling.

You only need to choose an image that best represents your dog, email it to us, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll expertly apply the same picture you provide us to a solid white pillow shaped like your pet, creating a memory or remembrance you’ll cherish for a lifetime. A customized pet photo pillow is a must-have bedding item for any pet owner or animal lover. It presents an excellent idea for birthdays, adoption events, holidays, and other special occasions.

► Order Steps:

You can order your custom pet pillow for yourself and pet (dog or cat) from the Diipoo by just following few simple and easy steps:

  1. Choose your options (Size, Colors, and Sides)
  2. Upload a photo of your pet (cat or dog) and tell us about them.
  3. We will create the pillow after all of the photographs and payments have been received.
  4. On-demand, a mock-up photo is provided.

There are millions of people looking online for the ideal gift for their pet loving friends and family during the holiday season. You might find it difficult to choose a gift that is unique and thoughtful at the same time. Spending hours in crowded shopping malls is not ideal and, in some instances, impossible for many of us owing to COVID-19. Because the Christmas season is a little unusual this year, I concentrated my efforts in a secure place: the internet. I discovered a variety of wonderful possible presents, but one, particularly, jumped out to me, and that is a custom pet pillow. I found a website called Diipoo, where you can purchase a custom dog pillow or custom cat pillow designed exactly like your pet and customized with a photo of your pet.

With affordable costs and various size possibilities, I bought one not just for my sister and brother but also for myself, with images of their pets. I took a peek, eager for the day they arrived and amazed at how wonderful they were. The craftsmanship was excellent, and the unique pet pillows appeared to spring to life at any moment. This Christmas season, I’m looking forward to giving a meaningful and then one present to the dog and pet lovers in my life. So visit the Diipoo website and order now!

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