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It is common for the healthcare centres, hospitals, clinics and medical stores to have huge payable amounts to be collected from the patients and the customers. The cash and bank transfers can be done but it becomes easy if they can provide the online payment options to them. It is a seamless way to accept payments. The very obvious reasons include the ease of handling the payables because cash becomes very much difficult to handle, with the online payment options there remains an official record of the payment and receipt which comes handy in mediclaims, insurance, etc, and the customers have the easy and speedy way to make the payment.

The best possible way to collect online payments is the payment gateway. This is because there are multiple payment options available by which the customers would wish to make the payment. And the different customers would choose different payment modes as per their preference. Payment gateways are the online payment system with which this can be made possible.

It is possible to provide all of the required payment mode options with PayKun Payment Gateway. It is secure, reliable and reputed too. It can be used to collect domestic as well as international payments.

PayKun can be considered as the best international payment gateway to collect digital payment with the help of various payment methods in a safe and secured manner. The reasons to choose PayKun are discussed below in details:

  1. The multiple payment options available

As discussed in details already, one of the main reasons to use PayKun is the availability of multiple payment options. PayKun offers credit cards, debit cards, wallets, net banking options, UPI, etc. In total there are more than 120 such online payment methods available by which your customers can pay in a fully secure manner. UPI, mobile wallets and credit cards are the most used payment options in today’s times.

Payment Links Option

PayKun Payment Links and Master Links are very useful when the payments are to be collected directly without any website or app. With the healthcare centres and medical stores, mostly this is the case. They have to collect the payment over the counter. So at that time they can generate the payment link online from their PayKun merchant dashboard, copy, paste and send through any possible medium such as email, whatsapp, messenger, etc. The customer can open the link and get the checkout to make the payment.

Easy and Free Integratio

If not the above option then all the medical centres can integrate the PayKun payment gateway on their website or app with the help of the available plugins and SDKs. These are very easy to integrate and the merchant does not require any technical knowledge for it. It is possible to integrate the payment button also. PayKun supports PHP, Magento, Android, iOS, WordPress, Ruby, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, WHMCS, Prestashop, Opencart, etc

Cheapest Payment Gateway is PayKun

There are a lot of payment gateway options but PayKun offers its services at the lowest transaction rates (TDR). Its international pricing is also affordable. It does not charge any set up or maintenance fees and as mentioned earlier, it provides the free integration help too. So, you pay the fees to the PayKun only if your customers pay you.


Easy Onboarding Process

The registration and onboarding process is very simple, easy and totally online. To make sure that the account is not activated to any fraudsters, the proper verification needs to be done. But, it takes no time if the proper documentation and the details are submitted upto the mark. It is very easy to get activated for genuine merchants.


Safe and Secure way to collect online payments

The online frauds and hacking is very much prevailing. Among the many positive aspects this is the negative side of the total online world. The funds and data need to be safeguarded with the important safety measures applicable to the payment gateway and PayKun follows all of them. It is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant which is the highest security measure for the payment processors and follows the AES Encryption standards which passes all the data in an encrypted manner. Also, it is SSL certified which makes the connection between the website and the server fully secured.


The Responsive and Efficient Team for Support

The other reason is the Customer Support through call, email and chat support. If you have any kind of queries right from the stage of inquiries and after the transactions are started, you get the response and resolution as soon as possible from PayKun. Your queries, concerns and issues are resolved with no delay.

There are other reasons such as the fast settlement options from t + 1 to 3 working days (depending upon the business nature and model). Also, it has a very active and effective Dispute Resolution Centre to resolve the disputes between the merchant and the customer. So, the health organisations can now easily collect online payments with PayKun.

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