Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Accept International Payments and Go Global with your business

Indeed, the world is a global village. Digitalization has further added meaning to the term globalization. Also, the international payment gateways provide the highest level of optimization for any business type to get the maximum advantages in making a global mark. The ease of accepting payments with various international debit and credit cards can be obtained by using PayKun international payment gateway.

The large enterprises or small startups, any kind of business, can now opt to target the global market with ease and convenience. You can directly collect domestic as well as international payments on your online or offline shop. Gone are the days when accepting international payments was challenging and costly. There were many issues in putting up the payments system in your business, and the different gateways charged a very high amount of fees. PayKun is the best international payment gateway option that provides the most convenient way of collecting cross-border payments at the best affordable transaction discount rates (TDR).

In case you are thinking, how will you be able to use the PayKun international payment gateway? The answer is very simple – you may easily integrate it with your business website or app, or you can send the payment links to your global customers. You can accept the card payments in multiple currencies with the help of the best international payment gateway in India, i.e., PayKun. You need not have to adopt the lengthy way of collecting the payments from outside of India. You can even make sure that you are paid beforehand, i.e., before delivery of the purchased product or services.

On top of everything, the most important thing is the security aspect. PayKun follows the best international payment gateway security and follows the highest level of compliances. It is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant that makes the card payments safe and secured. Also, it follows all the rules and regulations required by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). 

PayKun can be considered the best international payment gateway for your international customers due to its high transaction success rate, robust integration kits & APIs, and smooth card payment processing facilities. It supports almost all international cards, including AMEX, Diners, Master, Visa, etc. The services provided by the PayKun also includes the smooth settlement process. This includes receiving the customers’ payments and processing the settlements to the merchant in T+3 working days. Also, the settlements are done in Indian rupees without any withdrawal charges. 

PayKun is dedicated to startups and small businesses providing any type of services or products. After a simple verification process and fulfillment of the obligatory requirements, the international payment gateway services, along with the domestic services, are activated on the merchant account registered with PayKun. This way, you need not have separate payment processors or service providers for global and domestic customers. With one gateway, you can accept both types of payments. 

Take your products or services to the global platform and expand your business worldwide with no boundaries. Contact the best international payment gateway now and get the details guidance on all the aspects to get started with the easy international payments.

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