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For my ex-colleague Peter Triassi Montreal had been his life for a number of years and he would often speak about how he couldn’t wait to get back there. I have to be honest that when we used to work together I had never been to Canada let alone Montreal. In the years that have passed I have visited Canada a great number of times and it is a country where I can really envision myself living one day.

There is so much to love about this country and here is exactly why I want to make it my homeland if I am able to.


I used to think that the jokes about Canadians being friendly were just that, jokes, but instead it seems that it is absolutely true. I am of course generalizing here and I have no doubt that there are some rather rude citizens, in the main however I have found them to be warm, welcoming and extremely friendly.


Canada is a country of vast diversity and I have been lucky enough to explore quite a bit of that diversity during my time there. From the Rocky mountains to diverse cities like Vancouver and Toronto, the delightful state of Quebec to the isolated and beautiful designations like New Brunswick, this is very much a country which can offer you just about everything that you are looking for.


I have always wanted to live somewhere which was a hub and a good jumping off point for travel and there are many Canadian locations which promise exactly that. From here you can get to Europe with ease and for a low cost, you can get to Central and South America and it isn’t actually that tricky to get yourself to Asia. This is a really central location and it will be a wonderful place for me to travel from and that is yet another reason as to why I can see this as a perfect place to live.


It is not just the diversity of the climate and the landscape which is to love about this nation, but also the diversity of the peoples and the culture and what that has brought to the country on the whole. There are influences in the big cities from countries all over the world and Toronto in particular is one of the most diverse cities that I have ever been to. I love nations which hold such variety and again this is something which very much draws me in.


Clean air and a health conscious nation is something else that really makes me want to live here. The way of life is great, life expectancy is long and all of that adds up for a perfect country to go and live your life.

For me this is a country that I will be trying very hard to get a visa for so that I can become part of the fabric of society there, and I may even take Peter’s advice and move to Montreal.

By David Smith

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