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Entertainment is an essential need for continuing a sound life. Nature has created a number of canvass where our thoughts can wander. Desert safaris in Dubai are one of them. If you are planning to travel in a desert then Dubai desert safari is the best place to visit. 

It is highly economical. There are a number of guides providing various services. Apart from guides travelling depends a lot on an individual’s knack of handling situations.

Things we need to know before leaving for the up coming adventures. So that we can enjoy our journey without any problems. 


  • Skin and body protection


Deserts and their temperatures during the day time are no less then a challenge for your skin. Many people can not bear sun burns etc. get you a hat and a sun screen before starting off. Sunscreens will protect your skin make sure that it is of a high SPF. The hat must be broad and wide. These are not accessories while traveling in a desert these are necessities instead. 


  • Take a blanket 

Here comes the twist, deserts can be very tricky. Sometimes there are mirages over there and sometimes the ever alternating temperatures. At night deserts are quite cold. Colder than you have imagined. This is because of the silicon heat absorbing phenomenon. 

Temperature alteration within a day can be risky for your health. To keep you warm do not forget to take a thick sheet or a blanket along. 


  • Do not eat and drink much


This does not mean starving but before going for a dune bumpy ride make sure that you have not drunk a lot of water. Otherwise you will feel disturbed and sick. For enjoying the desert canvass to its utmost you have to be in a proper health. So avoid eating more than needed. Get a light lunch because at night you can have a desert barbecue. 


  • Shoes and clothes


Light and loose dresses are preferable for travelling in desert. Light colors will be best because they reflect heat. For women loose frocks and skirts will do good. Men can wear shorts but while camel riding they might regret it. 

Many people think that wearing boots and joggers will help them walk in desert but my personal opinion is open shoes and slippers are more reliable in deserts. 


  • Take an incredible camera


Desert’s wild life is exotic and rare. Do not forget to take memorable pictures. You never know you come across an incredible scene. 

Not only wild life but sunsets, stars and horizon changing colors can be worth watching. Save those views for life time enjoyment. 

There are so many things to enjoy in a desert safari but if you are in a trouble because of your own negligence then you might not enjoy the nature’s gift to its full extent.  That is why proper planning includes awareness about each possibility weather risky or pleasing. As a safe journey is a happy journey, to get cheap safari deals visit Dubai Adventures.


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