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Road Trip Routes for The Summer

If you’re as fond of traveling as me, you’ll know the ride to your destination is just as important as arriving there. When there’s nothing ahead of you but the open road, you forget about creature comforts like Frontier internet deals.

Instead, you start to adapt to one of humanity’s oldest lifestyles: being a nomad. Many travel bloggers believe that humans are not meant to stay in one place for extended periods of time. Our souls yearn for travel, which is why our road trips and hiking trips often turn into spiritual experiences check out Limo Find

A road trip is one of the most time-honored ways to pay homage to our nomadic routes. All you have to do is convince a couple of friends, pack your bags, and hit the road. Explore the winding roads at your leisure, at the following road trip routes in the United States:

  1. Denver to Glacier
  2. Charleston to New Orleans
  3. Canada to Mexico

Let’s take a closer look at these routes and see what makes them so special.

Denver to Glacier

Travel in one of the most scenic routes in the world from Denver, a bustling metropolis, to the tranquility of Yellowstone National Park. But the trail does not end at Yellowstone. You can continue on to Montana, paying visits to old boomtowns along the way, before ending up at Glacier National Park.

Start in the summer, in time to catch Denver’s world-famous chalk art festival. The route takes you through the nation’s highest paved road, way up in the Rocky Mountains, across the Continental Divide. The journey will lead you on to Estes Park, Colorado, and then on to Wyoming via Laramie and Jackson. From Jackson, you head on over to Yellowstone.



From Yellowstone, you move on to Glacier National Park, passing small quaint towns like Missoula and Virginia City. Be sure to stop by at Fairmont Hot Springs on your way. From Fairmont, you will take the Going to the Sun Road. From there, it’s a scenic drive to Glacier National Park.

Charleston to New Orleans

Road trips don’t get any more fun than in the Deep South. Especially if you want to immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of Southern America. Begin your trip in Charleston, South Carolina, one of the most history-rich towns in the South. Besides the sun, sights, and flavors of the city, there are a number of excellent golf courses in the town where you can tee off.

From Charleston, head on down to Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area and comes with a unique natural charm. Savannah was home to a number of plantations in pre-Civil War days.



Keeping the history alive, move from Georgia to Alabama. In particular, pay the town of Selma a visit and check out the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The bridge has a special place in the struggle for civil rights. It was here that Martin Luther King Jr. and fellow marchers saw violent resistance on a peaceful protest march in 1965.

End your trip in New Orleans. Enjoy the excellent selections of wine and food. Visit the historic French Quarter, haunted cemeteries, and riverboat casinos. Rejoice until it is time to head back home again.

Canada to Mexico

The Canada-to-Mexico road trip will take you from the Canadian Rockies on through the Sonora Desert to Arizona. The trip starts off in Jasper National Park, Canada. From there, you head on down to Montana, stopping by at Whitefish, a quaint resort town in the Rockies.

From here you head on down to Flathead National Forest, stopping by at the Indian Reservation. Take in the natural beauty with a bit of fishing or camping before the next leg of your trip. Enter Idaho by crossing the Salmon River before heading down to Nevada.

With a quick stop at Great Basin National Park, Nevada, head on down to Las Vegas. Experience the best in urban convenience as you gear up to continue into Arizona. Once in Arizona, there’s more to see than just the beautiful desert scenery.



Arizona is home to the Hoover Dam. You can also visit the Biosphere II or the Titan Missile Museum in Oracle. If you’re on the lookout for a Paramount Network on FiOS, you may be out of luck. Arizona has a large number of natural and artificial sights to see. But it still lags a bit behind the rest of the country in internet availability. However, you’ll get enough internet when you get back home. For now, enjoy your stay.


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