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If you can have bucket lists for things that you wish to do or see, why can’t you have a bucket list for places that you want to visit for dining out? It is understood that everybody will have a slightly different list according to their taste. Selling Florida restaurants Here are the places that will be a good start. Read the lost and pay a visit to the best restaurants out there in Florida.

  •  Joe’s Stone Crab on Miami beach

There is a lot of talk going around about this place. There is no way you can make a bucket list about the restaurants in Florida without including Joe’s Stone Crab in it. The exemplary facility has been in existence since 1913 and it has served stone crabs to the residents of Florida since 1921. This was the first establishment that attempted to serve stone crabs. It has become a beloved delicacy for the people of Florida.

  •  Blue Heaven on Key West

Blue Heaven can be called an iconic beacon representing Key West culture. The restaurant has a whimsical look with folk art, lush foliage, live music, and chicken and cats roaming around free. This restaurant stakes its claim to making the best key lime pie anywhere around the world.

  •  Bern’s Steak House from Tampa

Bern’s is, by and large, the most popular steak house in the state of Florida, and for a good reason. Although the restaurant places a strong emphasis on their tradition, it has also maintained a classical decor and it concentrates on providing perfectly aged steaks. They have been doing it for more than 60 years. Bern’s also comes with a wine cellar that contains almost half a million bottles of wine. It is the biggest private collection of wine in the world. The guests can visit the wine cellar and kitchen after they have dinner.

  •  McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola

McGuire’s is responsible for serving the meanest steak amid a unique atmosphere. Apart from that they also make their beer. McGuire also has one of the biggest restaurant wine cellars on the globe. If you are looking for a perfect place to be on St. Patrick’s Day this is the one.

  •  Versailles in Miami

It is not possible to have a bucket list of restaurants without including a top-class Cuban place. Versailles is a blend of all the best things you wish for in a restaurant. Good pricing, good portions, great food, and lovely settings. It also doesn’t hurt their reputation to know that this place has been a landmark in Miami for a better part of 40 years.

  •  The Old Spanish Sugar Mill from De Leon Springs

One of the major attractions of this joint is that it is located inside a state park. But what is cool about the place is that they provide each of their tables with a griddle for their guests to allow them to make their pancakes. If you can flip a flapjack you will be in for a real treat.

  • Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City, Tampa

The bucket list will not be complete if there is no mention of the oldest and continuously operating restaurant in Florida. The Columbia Restaurant is located in the historical neighborhood of Ybor City and over the years gained its reputation by serving succulent Cuban and Spanish dishes. This restaurant has been operational since 1905 and has branched out to St. Augustine, Orlando, Clearwater Beach, and Sarasota. However, there is nothing like visiting the original place.

  • Frenchy’s Cafe in Clearwater

There are two words to describe this place: Super Grouper. There cannot be an excuse for any person who has lived in Florida for all his life not to have visited the Frenchy’s. If you have salt and water in your veins you would have visited the place.

  • T-Ray’s Burger Station on Fernandina Beach

You can rest assured that you have never tasted food this good from within a gas station. T-Ray’s is a gas station converted into a classic diner food joint and it has a silly-sounding slogan called, “Eat here and get gas”. You will enjoy pretty much any burger made by them and you are not likely to get disappointed.

Some of these restaurants even remain environmentally-friendly while maintaining constant room temperature by using a digital thermostat. They have many other features that will catch your eye. For instance, even if you’ve probably had a hamburger before, T-Rays Burger Station will make that even a more unique experience through the original setting of his place.


If you didn’t already know about these amazing restaurants and diners in Florida, you have to make sure that you visit at least one of them throughout your stay in this exotic state. There’s something new to experience in each one of them. 

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