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Meta-description: Think Canada sucks in the summer? Visit these 8 places around the country and experience a different kind of Canada under the heat of the sun.


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Canada is no doubt a winter destination, with its mostly cold climate and tourist destinations fit for snowy activities. But that’s not to say that Canada is less attractive in the summertime.


With sunny temperatures, the cities become more navigable, food festivals abound, and cultural landmarks appear more picture-perfect. There seems to be no limit to the recreation available to tourists and locals alike in Canada during the summer.


  1. Tofino, British Columbia


Tofino is a faraway BC town located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Closer to the ocean, tourists can frolic along its beaches and unwind as the cool North Pacific breeze hits their faces.


If you’re keen to appreciate and be one with nature, you can visit Pacific Rim National Park, where Long Beach is located. The park offers magnificent hiking trails and a long strip of beaches with endless waves perfect for surfing.


You can also enjoy other activities in Tofino, from boat trips and kayaking to wildlife viewing. It’s the best place to be for adventurers who want to experience the many wonders of land and sea.


  1. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


From outdoor activities, delicious food, to distinctive experiences, Saskatoon offers many summer goodies that tourists can enjoy to the fullest.


Local Saskatoon farms offer fresh foods, like their famous summer strawberries, making it a haven for foodies and #foodstagrammers alike. If you’re more of the active crowd, you can also enjoy a day of walking, running, or biking in the Meewasin Trails.


Considered the “Paris of the Prairies,” Saskatoon is home to cultural delights. The Prairies, located in the city centre, houses a fantastic collection of contemporary and modern art. The Remai Modern Museum is open to Pablo Picasso fanatics who’d like to see his linocuts. There are also great hot spots for dining downtown, where you can relish their vibrant agro-tourism offerings.


Take a detour outside the city and visit Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can sleep in a tipi overnight.


  1. Victoria, British Columbia


For cultural and gastronomic experiences like no other, Victoria, BC is the go-to place in Canada. From its stunning scenery to its myriad outdoor activities, Victoria has so much to offer to its tourists.


The weather in Victoria is pleasant all year round, making it one of the warmest places in Canada. Summer in the city, however, is when the greenery of Vancouver Island becomes a fresh sight for sore eyes. When you’re visiting Victoria, sightseeing and hiking should be a must.


Culture vulture? Get involved with the city’s many festivals–from the Canadian Beer Festival, Victoria Fringe Festival, to the Vegtoria Festival, their annual festival for vegans (if you’re into cruelty-free, environment-friendly living).


  1. Toronto, Ontario


Summer is when Toronto comes out to have some fun. There are tons of things to do in the city under the summer sun. For starters, get a rental coach in Toronto to enjoy and visit the city’s neighbourhoods.


As one of the most varied and diversified cities in the world, Toronto has over 140 neighbourhoods, each with its own unique and lively style. Explore Toronto’s vibrant city planning and spend the summer neighbourhood-hoping, and you’ll forget what boredom feels like.


If you have a cousin or distant relative getting married in Toronto in the summer, don’t miss out on RSVP-ing with a big YES. Toronto boasts beautiful wedding destinations and there’s no doubt how sumptuous the wedding catering can be.


You can also escape the city and explore the great outdoors at Toronto’s beaches, or spend the day in its peaceful parks and playgrounds.


  1. Kitchener, Ontario


Kitchener is a beautiful and attractive city that is located in the Lawrence Lowlands of Southwestern Ontario.


You can have fun at THEMUSEUM, an interactive museum that is aimed at kids. For adults, you can drink all you want because, in Kitchener, drinking is a favourite hobby. If all the touring has tired you out, relax and enjoy a hearty massage in Kitchener before you get on with your activities in the city.


Kitchener is also famous for its Bavarian Festival, which is held every year in October and lasts 9 days.


  1. Niagara Falls, Ontario


The Canadian side of Niagara Falls should be on every tourist’s bucket list, and summer is the best time to make this outing. Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful places in Canada and offers surrounding attractions that are equally not to be missed when you go for a vacation in the area.


Niagara Falls’ most popular attractions include the Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara SkyWheel, White Water Walk, and Hornblower Niagara Cruises. Planning to propose to your long-time partner this summer? Take the romantic opportunity of a lifetime and ask the question in one of the many wineries around Niagara Falls.


  1. Montréal, Quebec


Montréal keeps things busy all year long, but summer is when this city shines the brightest. Its cultural and culinary richness and festivities left and right make for a unique summer destination in Canada.


In for an iconic Montréal experience? Consider the city view at La Grande Roue, visit the famous Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal, and experience genuine gastronomic delights in restaurants in all corners of the city.


  1. Quebec City, Quebec


If you want to escape the fast-paced city life, a summer trip to a quieter, slower one like Quebec City will do you good. There, you’ll have fun trying out different local foods and drinks and experience the local French-Canadian culture.


You can enjoy walking, sunbathing, swimming, or even kitesurfing in the Baie de Beauport. You can also explore the Old Quebec District, walk the Wall of Quebec, spend the day at Montmorency Falls, or visit the Aquarium du Quebec.



Canada has so much more to offer when it comes to summer vacation destinations. The country has nature, culture, and food all rolled into one. For a unique experience, visit these summer vacation destinations the next time you plan on visiting the great country of Canada.


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