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Did you know you can participate in just about any form of poker online? Whether it’s a casino style game, such as you’ll find at Bet2You casino or lengthy tournaments you’re into. Chances are you’ll find the perfect game at the stakes and experience level that suits you.


The only problem is that there’s so much to choose from that it can get a bit intimidating for anyone new to online poker. So, to simplify things a bit, here are the most popular types of poker tournaments you’ll come across. Explained by the buy in or in some cases, re-buy in processes and more.


Freeroll Tournaments


Before we get started on buy-ins and re-buy ins, let’s take a look at a tournament type you should never pass up. At least not as a new player looking to get some experience in the online poker market. A free roll is exactly what it sounds like, a tournament in which you don’t need to pay any entry fee to participate. It’s basically a free game, but with the chance to actually win some money. Although this prize is typically a lot smaller than in games where you need to pay to play, freerolls can be very worthwhile. After all, it’s a completely no-risk game that still has the intensity and possible reward of a regular poker game with a buy-in.


Freezeout Tournaments


By far the most common type of poker tournament you’ll encounter online are called freezeouts. Basically, in these games, players enter with a fixed buy-in amount and all receive the exact same equivalent in chips. Then, when they lose all of their chips, you’re out of the tournament. Most poker games with friends also feature this exact same type of format as well. In the interest of making the game end within a reasonable time frame.


However, some freezeout tournaments can also offer the option to re-buy in up to a certain time. Which would also mean the pot increases to greater amounts as well.


Turbo Tournaments


Another very popular type of poker tournament is called Turbo games. These follow the same rules as the above types, only with the addition of increasing blinds which increase the speed of the game. Many poker sites offer this kind of game for players who don’t want to spend long time periods playing a tournament.


Usually in a turbo game, the blinds increase every 4 to 6 minutes. With some increasing in even less time, these are called “super turbo” tournaments. Naturally since they end faster than other game types, they attract more players and happen more frequently as well. Altogether most turbo or super turbo games will take only a few hours. Versus the 8+ hours you can come to expect from regular poker tournaments.

Additionally, the style of playing is often more aggressive since there are more players. If you’re in the mood for a quick but extremely intense game of poker, then these are amazing options to check out.

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