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In the world of the game, Kabbadi is one of the most popular games. So here in this post, I would like to welcome the players just to gain the knowledge about the Kabaddi game. And, I am damn sure that you will like this amazing article. 

In some countries, it is also known as the soccer game and the outdoor game also. Basically in this game, the players have to run across the field just to do the goal in the match. So just to achieve the objective of the game, you need to do the goal more. And the goal is only possible by just passing the ball throughout the goal line. 

Make sure that players can use any part of your body without using the hands. Players can use any part of their body except their hands, with the exception of the goalkeeper who can use hands within a restricted area. Now, for those interested in not just playing but also betting on such games, a great starting point is to login into Mostbet app BD. This app offers an immersive experience for Kabaddi fans, providing a platform for both watching and betting on matches. The registration process is straightforward – simply download the app, create an account, and you’re ready to dive into the world of Kabaddi betting. Only the goalkeeper can use the hands just to stop the ball within the restricted area. Well, without wasting the single moments, let’s move forward to get the detailed information.

Rules and Regulations Of The Game

Having fair things in every game helps to win the match in the best possible ways. For that you need to follow the rules and the strategies. Basically, the boards encourage the players to be fair in every match. Fairness mainly includes the fair scoring, legal tackling, blocking practices and the standard equipment sponsored by online fantasy games without harming the player.

Size Of The Kabbadi Team

Without creating the size of the team, you cannot play the Kabaddi match. So, there are 2 teams and per teams include the 11 players in the field. One goalkeeper is also included which plays the important role in the success of the team.

Sometimes, the players get injured, then in that case, the additional players are seated on the side as the substitutes to replace that player. The other player who plays the vital role in the match is the coach. Coach is the person who guides every member of the team and tells the proper strategies just to achieve the goals of the match. So without the coach, you cannot understand the problem that you might face while playing the game, be it a game in online fantasy kabaddi.

Equipment Used 

Every game has certain equipment used. So similarly, the player of the Kabbadi game should carry some equipment like the shirt, shorts, socks, footwear and various shin guards just to protect the skin. The goalkeeper should wear the different clothes just to be distinguished from the other players. 

But every player should keep one thing in the mind that they don’t wear dangerous equipment. It includes the jewellery and the watches also. Sometimes these things may be dangerous for the other players also. 

The Few Words

Well, after reading this article, now you can better understand the Kabbadi game. Now you just need to apply the rules and use the proper equipment while playing this interesting game. Still, you have any query then let us know by commenting below in the comment section.

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