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Polene A Luxurious Leather Brand

Polene is a brand that was launched in France by three siblings the main aim that was found for launching the brand was to use Italian leathers that also provide a high level of creativity in the product along with the authenticity and quality of the product used is high. The bags that are provided to the customer have gained popularity because of the unique designs along with the elegant and modern style that makes them popular among the people.

The History of Polene Brand

 The Polene brand which has gained popularity was started from scratch and was done painstakingly was first taken as a project by three siblings who started this project in Paris. The main idea for launching this brand started in the year 2014 when all three siblings went for a visit to see the workshop that was conducted in Spain.

The History of Polene Brand

When they visited the workshop that was conducted in Spain, they were inspired by seeing the artistic and creative approach required for preparing a bag that is designed perfectly, this whole scene about the perfect bag was explained for about two or three hours, and from there the idea for launching a brand that creative and made of leather was originated.

Maintaining The legacy of the family by Launching The Polene Brand

The siblings who were responsible for launching this luxurious and popular brand of leather handbags were their grandfather who was known as an entrepreneur who launched a brand named Saint James that was mainly used for providing shirts for customers that mainly had stripe designs and were having a huge customer for this style of shirt used, and hence it was quite impressive to continue the legacy of entrepreneurship that started from his great-grandfather.

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The Idea To Launch Product: Inspired by Nature and Eco-Friendly

While listening to the explanation for producing a perfect bag using creative ideas and leathers the ideas that were presented by the three siblings were flawless and the products that were generated mainly included creativity and were natural and were able to provide the credentials that were impressive giving an environmental touch.

The leathers that were used by the brand Polene that used to produce eco-friendly bags were mainly known for Polenethe l, leather that was soft and was available in cream color as well as mocha along with the mushroom color have been gave it quite an impressive touch along with an additional quality that was it was not harmful to the environment and was chemical free

The Collection of The Polene Brand

The Polene Brand is known and popular for producing handbags along with different accessories such as small leather goods the pieces of jewelry are available to the customer according to the choices and requirements of the customers.

The Collection of The Polene Brand

Below is the collection of the Polene Brand that is available to the customer and is also categorized into different categories and mentioned with specific descriptions.

  • Polene bag New In Collection:  The first category that is mentioned in the collection of Polene bags is the New In collection. In this category, the brand mentions all the new collections that are produced by the Polene bags, and in this collection, new designs are also categorized that have gained popularity in the world and have been released recently. In this category along with the Polene bag, different accessories, and jewelry are also categorized in this collection.
  • Polene Paris Collection: The second category that is available in the collection of Polene bags mainly includes the most bought and very popular products that are available on the retailing site of this brand. It is also mentioned that the items that are available in this category include bags as well as jewelry that are mostly liked by the people and are bought mostly from the sites.
  • Polene Bags Collection: This is the category that consists of all the collections of the bags that are newly launched as well as the bags that were launched earlier are made available on the site and are further made available to the customer. The bag collection is further categorized into

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  • Polene Numero Dix: A style of bag that the user uses to carry on one shoulder is made available in the Polene Bag Collection and is made up of eco-friendly leather.
  • Polene Chyme Bag: Polene bag also provides the bag that is used by the customer having a camel textured appearance.
  • Numero UN Bag: A bag available by the Polene Brand that is used by the user and is described as having a slouchy look and is available with a smooth texture.
  • Tonca: The bag has the appearance of a sling bag that is used to carry the bag on a shoulder. 
  • Beri: Polene Paris also produces handbags that are small in size and are held in the hands of the customers. 

Furthermore, categories of bags are produced by Polene and are made available on the site from where the customer can select and buy the product according to their requirement.

  • Polene Small Leather Goods: The brand also provides leather goods that are used by the customers and the goods provided mainly include cardholder and pocket wallets that are used mostly by men as well as a few women.
  • Polene jewelry: The leather brand is also known for providing jewelry for customers such as earrings and studs, along with rings and bracelets that are designed creatively, and necklaces are made available on the site.
  • Polene Gifts: The collection of gifts is also made available on the site where the customer can order gifts and send them to the person they want to send them.
  • Mobje X Polene: The last category available on the site Polene is used for providing vases that are designed with authentic creativity for the customers. 

Wrapping Up

At the end of the article, it can be wrapped up by the fact that Polene is the brand that is mainly used for producing products made up of leather along with maintaining the style and showing creativity to the customer making them engage in the product utilization that is also eco-friendly and chemical free.

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