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Quay Sunglasses The Popular and Affordable Sunglasses From Australia

Many things in the world improve our personality as human beings and make us smart in the sense of fashion. Sunglasses are one of them because when we wear sunglasses they enhance our overall look and give a cool vibe to the whole outfit which is either costly or non-costly.

People generally wear sunglasses during the day when they go out in the sunlight to save their eyes from being in direct contact with the sun and provide a clear view of the surroundings to our eyes without any strain which isn’t visible without sunglasses in the sunlight.


A sunglass is a component that gives the right finishing touch when we are wearing a killer outfit during an important occasion. We don’t want to miss out by an inch on that occasion to take praise from everyone present there and a sunglass can do the magic which we are looking for. They also protect our eyes from UV rays if we are looking at a screen or during sunlight time if we have come out near a beach for sunbathing.

In this article, we’ll look at Quay Sunglasses which are quite popular and affordable sunglasses from Australia and now have become a global brand for go-to sunglasses when people consider buying. But how they have become this huge brand, Quay Sunglasses Near Me, Quay Australia sunglasses, Quay Sunglasses sale, and why people love purchasing their sunglasses. We have covered all the questions of your answers in detail, So Stay Tuned to the end.

What’s Quay Sunglasses? How did it start?

Linda and Allen Hammond started the brand back in 2004 in Melbourne when they were not happy with their respective careers and both been music lovers since childhood so they thought of starting an eyewear brand that can resonate with people who love to vibe because of the music and want to look cool.

What’s Quay Sunglasses How did it start

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Their Son’s Addition to Quay Sunglasses

Zak, their son later joined the company and launched it in the international market with their motto, ‘Life is too short to fit in’ That means every eyeglass they make is unique in style. With every new design they make, they give a different name and then launch worldwide at an affordable price which is what everyone wants first. They make prescriptions and non-prescription eyewear for both the consumers whichever they want to buy.

Distinct Feature

They have a distinct feature other than their competitors which has kept them above all in the market is that they make classic sunglasses more like aviators and cat-eye which are quite fun to wear and look very cool whereas it is very much affordable too with the perfect fit for any person according to various sizes you can try at their store or virtually.

They also make more trendy sunglass silhouettes which are oversized and thin narrow as well because today’s Gen-Z kids love both of these and complement the company by giving the reviews. Today’s generation wants products that are affordable and best quality, instead, they don’t go for the latest design. So makers should keep their focus on quality and price more than anything if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

Price Range

The price range generally of any Quay Sunglasses varies from 65 dollars to 95 dollars which means they have not gone above 100 dollars mark to remain affordable and that’s why their loyal returnable consumers love the brand for keeping their promise from the start to now and the simplicity of the products.

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Quay Sunglasses Social Media Success

They started posting on Instagram very early and got success, they have more than 1.7 million followers there because of the models and the celebrities they brought in for the photoshoots. This has surely boosted sales because they started getting customers directly to their website through their Instagram page and people started believing in them because they trusted those celebrities.

Quay Sunglasses Social Media Success

Unique Way of Marketing Quay Sunglasses Men on Social Media

The unique way they approached their social media is that they started posting about their customers too there. What they started doing is that they began to highlight the customers who have recently purchased in bulk or any random consumer who just purchased and posted their pic on social media by tagging the Quay Sunglasses. This has seriously given the needed sales growth which they even haven’t guessed.

See people just love being in the attention space and the marketing technique of Quay has just done that and acquired the customer faith in them of getting recognition through a bug brand which they can show and flex to the peer groups and their friends and families. This has generated a wave for them on social media which their competitors couldn’t be able to figure out and be left behind in the pace of the market capturing.

Quay Sunglasses Collaborations

One aspect of their success is Collaboration with Celebrities which they have done to promote the brand and earn millions of sales from the collaboration. They have done a popular collab with one of the most recognized Fashion influencers in the world Kylie Jenner, by the name QUAY X KYLIE which got trending on across social media platforms. 

Collab with Kylie Jenner

The follower base Kylie Jenner has more than 400 million followers on Instagram which is almost 5% of the population of the world which means you can understand how much consumers the collaboration has given to the brand. This has been one of the biggest sales they have done in their history and the retention of the customers they have received was unanimous after this collaboration. 

To Sum Up

Quay Sunglasses is the most affordable brand in the sunglass category which makes trendy and cool sunglasses for the new and old generations consisting of bold colors and new designs for music lovers and art lovers. They started as a small eyewear company which became this giant multinational company through the sheer hard work and dedication of their makers Linda and Allen Hammond with their son Zak.

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