Home news Police search for prowlers at Torrens Park, South australia

Police search for prowlers at Torrens Park, South australia

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Sturt Police are reminding residents to lock your homes and vehicles at night following reports of a break-in at Torrens Park overnight, according to SA Police.

Just before 3.30am on Tuesday 16 January, a resident in Thorpe Street contacted police after they woke to find three males inside their home, rummaging through their belongings.

The brazen home invasion occurred at Torrens Park, just before 3.30am, when the men let themselves into a house on Thorpe St with spare keys stolen from a car parked nearby.

A young man said he woke to find the men standing over him holding the weapons.“Three blokes came in and they started going through the house,” he told The Advertiser.

“They took keys, cash and stuff, they went down to my sisters room and ransacked it, took everything out and put it on the bed.

“They took her iPad, chargers and stuff like that.

“Then they made their way to my room.

“They opened my door, I woke up and saw them and then I said: ‘oi’, and they (ran) and I chased after them and they (got) away.

“They (had) grabbed a hammer and a bread knife from the kitchen and they had it with them, but when they ran out they just threw it on the ground.

“They didn’t attempt to hurt me.”

The thieves had a bread knife and hammer but threw them to the ground on the way out.
A police dog searched the street and other homes nearby after the break-in.

During that search officers discovered sheds and several other cars had also been broken into.

A whipper snipper and blower vac were found dumped in the street and graffiti tags had been sprayed on to fences.

The only description of the suspects are three males wearing dark coloured hooded tops.

Other residents on the street said they did not hear anything unusual last night.

One man said the break-in was disappointing and that it pointed to a “general lack of discipline in the community”.

“It’s shocking to wake up and find out what has happened here,” he said.

Anyone with information on this incident or any resident in the Torrens Park area that discovers they had property stolen overnight, is asked or please contact the police assistance line on 131444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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