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Popular Antler Wedding Bands

If you are looking for a perfect choice for wedding bands, antler wedding bands will fit the bill. A variety of reasons account for the surge in popularity of these bands over the past year or so. One of these reasons is the renewed interest in hunting and fishing. People are learning that the elk, mule deer and other species of deer that have been decimated in recent years may be able to stand on their own for a few more decades. The renewed interest also fuels an increasing demand for antler jewelry.

Antler jewelry manufacturers have taken notice of this increased demand for their products and have taken advantage of it by producing a wide variety of unique antler wedding rings. These rings utilize the unique grains of wood that have been shed by the animals. The wood inlay rings feature metal components like sterling silver or plated gold. Some of the most popular styles feature real live animals’ antlers.

Another reason for the surge in interest is the realization that antler titanium wedding bands offer a durable alternative to gold and silver bands. In addition, they are more aesthetically pleasing than most other styles. These rings also look great when worn by both men and women. Many people opt for the masculine, bullhide look when choosing these bands. However, if you are interested in a more feminine design, many of the modern versions feature smaller, more feminine wood inlay rings. This allows for the female to wear the band without any embarrassment of metal showing.

Tungsten and Titanium Rings

Because of the increased interest in antler rings, many manufacturers have begun using high-quality materials in making their rings. While some use silver plating, most modern rings utilize a high-quality titanium or aluminium band. Antler jewellery is generally crafted from genuine antler sheds found in forests throughout North America. The animal shed is hollow inside and contains many nooks and crannies for the wood to grow in.

Traditional wedding bands made from antler sheds can be hard to find. Fortunately, modern-day jewellers have designed their rings to be able to fit the bride’s unique tastes and designs. Because of the significant expense of using these types of materials, many manufacturers opt for using materials like white gold, silver, and platinum instead. Of course, the classic, bullhide look still remains and is quite popular among people who choose these rings as their engagement rings. If you are looking for a beautiful wedding band with an antique look, it may be worth it to spend more money on the actual material rather than on the design and style of the band itself.

There are a few different styles of antler wedding bands. One of the most popular is the antler choker. These smaller sized jewellery pieces can easily fit on the bride’s finger or around a small barbell. They offer a classy look that works well with many different outfits and looks great with black-tie occasions as well. Another popular style of these wedding rings comes in the form of smaller, heart-shaped diamond style rings worn on the wearer’s pinky finger.

Other popular styles of antler rings include elk antler wedding bands that feature elk skin and antlers as the main materials. These rings are often engraved with the bride and groom’s names. Antler wedding rings can also be custom made. Some jewellers allow their customers to choose the colour, size, and type of stones that will adorn their new rings. While there aren’t as many choices when it comes to antler rings as there are for wedding rings, anyone can enjoy the timeless beauty of antler jewellery.

A well-crafted Titanium wood rings is an impressive addition to any bride’s jewellery collection. It is a natural piece that looks great wherever it goes. Whether worn on the pinky, middle, or ring finger, they are a great way to add a touch of nature to an otherwise traditional, yet elegant look. Because they are made from the entire animal, antlers cannot be used for human engraving; however, they make an excellent choice for other types of custom artwork. With all of the options available, antler wedding bands have definitely come down in popularity, but they have never lost their unique beauty and charm.

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