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A lanyard is a versatile accessory that can be used to organize small items that can get lost easily. The word originates from the French word “lanière,” meaning strap-on apparatus. Different cultures had different versions and uses of lanyards. Today, it has become mainstream in almost any setting. 

With the pandemic still raging largely around the world, kids are the most vulnerable. Not all children can comprehend the consequence of wearing contaminated masks. Therefore, a kids mask lanyard is a handy tool that can be used to keep your kids and their masks safe. There are a variety of designs to please even the pickiest of children. Here are a few.

LED Lanyards

These are by far the hottest selling item in the kids’ lanyard department. Not a single child will say no to a brightly flashing lanyard around their neck. The material used to make these are polyester, and they are tubular to accommodate the lights. The lights are blue LEDs and shine through the white polyester casing. It has a power button and 3-speed settings for the blinking, and two modes, flashing or solid.

There are small pendants at both ends that hold the replaceable batteries. There are metallic clips at both ends, which can be attached to the mask. It also has a breakaway connector that gives when tugged or snagged, making it safe for children. This is sure to be a super hit as a birthday party giveaway. Parents love it too. They can spot their kid from a mile away. 

Mask Necklace

This pretty handmade necklace can be multi-color, single color, or a combination of two colors. It is made with a row of colored beads threaded into the length of a sturdy string. At both ends are star-shaped, metal carabiner hooks that are attached to the mask. This kids’ mask lanyard is a sure shot winner with your little angels. It can be used as a necklace or a lanyard that holds the mask in place. 

Adjustable Cartoon Clip Lanyard

These brightly colored lanyards are simple yet classy. They come in a solid-colored string, which has hooks at both ends. They also have a cartoon shaped adjustable clip to customize the length of the chord. Its elementary design is appealing to kids and parents alike. Your kids can pick their favorite cartoon character’s lanyard. 

Personalized Ones

If you like to categorize everything, you are bound to like these. Each lanyard has the name of its owner beaded on it, leaving little room for confusion. The colors and prints are left to you when ordering them. It’s best to have multiple lanyards for each child. Most e-stores let you pick the cord, color, and spell out the name you want to be threaded into the lanyard. 

Printed Lanyards

You may find nylon lanyards with prints such as hearts, flowers, animals, cartoons, alphabets, baseball, football, etc. They have plastic snaps on both ends that encase the mask’s ear string. It also has a safety release snap in the middle.

Face Mask Chains

Instead of the traditional nylon or polyester materials, this lanyard is made of metallic-like chains. The color options are gold, silver, bronze, and so on. The chain links can be simple oval ones or more geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, etc. The chains are made of fiber, are allergy-free, and super-light, making them perfect for kids. The best part is that you can use them too. Since the colors are neutral, just about anyone can wear these lanyards. 

Braided Lanyards

You can braid your lanyard. Take any ribbon or string of your choice and braid the lanyard. You can add a personal touch by adding beads in between, or your name initial blocks. Tie a knot at both ends once you have the desired length and attach clips at the ends. If you are not the creative type, you can order them online. 

Glow In the Dark 

These are another popular with kids and parents alike. The lanyards are made of silicon material and come in fluorescent colors. These make a perfect mask accessory for children. Kids don’t have to worry about searching for their masks in the dark. Most mask lanyards for children come with a release clasp in the middle, to ensure safety. 

Face masks have become common, and lanyards are the way to keep them safe. Kids can be picky about lanyards, but you are bound to find one they like with so many options. These lanyards are suitable for kids of all ages and designed with their comfort in mind. The kids’ mask lanyard can be both functional and decorative at the same time.

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