Precision Medicine: The Future of Healthcare

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is an advanced approach for understanding health. It revolves around collecting and analyzing an individual’s data to provide the most suitable cure for diseases and helps improve numerous health conditions. Precision medicine looks for ways to prevent illness and studies what makes you unique. It also cares about the genetic health history of a person connected to their environment and their surroundings. 

How Patients React to Precision Medicine?

Every patient shows different symptoms and reactions to drugs and medicine, yet not every remedy is effective on each individual. Precision medicine helps you understand your body. It helps in figuring out which medicine is most effective and suitable for a patient.

Close to curing cancer

Precision medicine has begun making a difference in the treatment of cancer already. With its numerous tools, precision medicine has been treating cancers and diseases that are genetically similar alike. For instance, some breast cancers are more similar to stomach tumors than other breast cancers, which are now being aided with the help of precision medicine. 

Imatinib (Gleevec) is a drug used to treat Leukemia. We are aware that Leukemia is the body’s blood cancer. Gleevec is only effective when the cancer cells have a specific genetic structure. Instead of treating everyone with the following drug, doctors only provide those patients with Gleevec possessing a particular genetic combination.

“Eggs in Basket”

Top Life science consulting firms are coming up with strategies to help clients across the globe with market intelligence on precision medicine and its effects on the healthcare ecosystem. 

Researchers have come up with a unique terminology: “eggs in a basket” to test the effects of precision medicine. The basket is independent of the location of cancer in your body and refers to the genetics of your cancer. For example, in a basket trial experiment, researchers are testing cancer drugs on people of various types of cancer grouped together. The received treatment stands on the genetics of their tumor. The promising results are the new future hope of personalized medicine and may prove the effectiveness of precision medicine. 

Personalized Nutrition for Cancer Patients

Many biotech consulting firms are working on revolutionizing biotechnology by joining hands with different fields, and its work with other applications contributes to world health. Thanks to biotechnology, precision medicine is now a focus of many pharmaceutical consulting firms and companies working to reach its full potential where the production of such nutrients can be absorbed by cancer cells. Thus, precision medicine will be useful to determine the right amount of nutrients according to each patient’s medical status. 

Try out Other Methods of Healthcare

Although genetics is the main course for precision medicine, the medical field still does not completely rely on it. Doctors may provide other methods for customizing your health care.

This could include:

  • A perfect diet for you and only you.
  • Doctors perform various tests on your body to detect any bacterial invasion.
  • Counting your immune cells via your sample of blood.

There a few mistakes that should be avoided during the implementation of precision medicine, these include,

  • Instead of invalidating the traditional medicines, it is better to recognize traditional medicines since they are the roots of precision medicines.
  • Precision medicine is not equal to the collection of new technologies.  For instance, information required on gnomonical knowledge is properly questioned with genetics, metabolomics, and clinical phenotypes (symptoms and signs, biochemistry, image, and pathological features are included) to form a complete individual database based on biological features so that it can contribute to diagnoses and treatment of individual patient’s condition.   
  • Precision medicine is a medicine made combined by standardization and individualization. And by no means is it equal to simple medicines prescribed to individuals.

Barack Obama is One of the biggest supporters of the Precision Medicine

He understands the smartly progressing medicine and encourages the nation to come forward and offer their support as well. He says:

“You can match a blood transfusion to a blood type. What if matching our cancer cure to our genetic code was just as easy, just as standard?  And that’s the promise of precision medicine. Delivering the right treatment, at the right moment, at the right time, every time, to the right person.”

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