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Friends, when a woman is pregnant, she gets many problems with her organs during pregnancy. Sometimes this problem is normal, due to the hormonal changes. But sometimes these problems also take a bigger problem, which is also dangerous for women, along with them, in their womb. In this context, in today’s context, we will tell you about those organs of the body of women in the organs in which the greatest pain is during pregnancy. So let us know that during the pregnancy of the extension, these are the organs that are the most stable.

Back Pain 

Back pain, pregnant women have the highest back problems during pregnancy and they have to face back pain problems. Due to getting stomach during pregnancy, tilting in the back starts causing pain to pregnant women. This is not a matter of fear from a normal process. To get rid of this pain like this, you can resort to the back or exercise.

Breast Pain

Pain in the breast, during pregnancy, almost every pregnant women have problems in breast and also have to face breast pain. Why when a woman gets pregnant, there are many types of hormones changes in her body, due to which she gets stress in her breast and she starts the pain. At the same time, during the pregnancy, milk production hormones are active in women’s breast, which also causes problems in the breast.

Foot Pain

Foot Pain, About 90% of women in this world have foot problems during pregnancy. They have swelling in their feet and they also have problems of pain. These problems arise in women’s feet, why they become deficient in iron and calcium after getting pregnant. Therefore, to avoid this problem, women should consume foods that contain iron and calcium. This fixes this problem.


A headache, in fact, during pregnancy many types of hormonal changes occur in the body of women, due to which women suffer from irregular sleep and their sleep is not complete. Such women always have heaviness in the head and they have to face the problem of a headache. Therefore, if a woman has a problem of a headache continuously, then she should definitely take the advice of the doctor as to why her condition can affect the baby growing in the womb.

Stomach Ache/Pain

Stomach ache, almost all women have a problem in pregnancy. Why is the development of acidity when the child develops in the womb of women? Due to which they start to melt, as well as a stomachache. Therefore, if a woman wants to get rid of it, she should drink plain water and coconut water. It does not cause acidity problems and also provides relief in a stomachache.

If there is the pain in the stomach during pregnancy, then it should be known that the pain is normal or dangerous

It is normal to have the stomach ache, pain, and tingling during pregnancy, if your pregnancy is healthy, then stomach pain is not usually the cause of concern; due to the baby being in the womb, there is a lot of pressure on your muscles, joints, and nerves. It may make you feel quite uneasy in the area around the stomach.

Whenever there is the pain, resting usually gets relief from torsion. You can also try the following methods:

  • Sit down for a while. On the other side, on the other side, lie down and relax.
  • Bathe with light hot water.
  • In the area where the pain is occurring, make a warm water bottle or a small bowl of wheat. If you use a hot water bottle, fill it with hot water and carefully wrap it in a towel or some soft cloth. On the other hand, a bag of wheat is a cloth bag, in which wheat husk is full. This bottle has to be heated in a microwave for a few minutes. This bottle is adjusted according to the size of your body and remains warm for an hour or more.

Write down all about how you are feeling and tell the doctor. He will be able to predict that the reason for your discomfort is the pain and suffering of pregnancy or something else. If the pain is not correct even after resting for a few minutes, contact the doctor immediately.

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