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English is an important language in our daily life and also for regular communication in schools and also in the professional career. One has to be well versed with the language as it is very vital in the school curriculum and compulsory in all the exams. Moreover, all the other subjects are in English so one has to be able to read and understand. 

Class 12 English core syllabus contains the following.

Reading Comprehension.

Creative Writing skills.

Literature and the Supplementary Reader.

Flamingo has a total of 8 Chapters and six poems.

The supplementary reader has 10 Chapters.

Class 12 English has three parts A, B, and C

Part A is the reading comprehension of 30maks.

Part B is the writing skills of 30mrk.

Part C is the literature of 40 marks.

Let us consider the methods for class 12 preparation.

Knowing the syllabus.

Before you start anything it is very essential to know the syllabus and the contents. This will give an idea to know the study structure to be planned accordingly.

Make a study plan.

It is very important to have a proper plan for the study. Now you know the chapters to be read and learned so make an inappropriate plan for each day. This should include prose, poetry, and also grammar. Focus on grammar and the rules on the topics. You can write well only when you are good at grammar. It is not difficult but you have to practice.

Long duration.

 Class 12 is very important and it is the turning point of your career. It does not mean you will have a continuous study session. Long duration will make you frustrated and lose focus in your studies. It is better to make it short and have breaks in between. Taking breaks will always help you to be motivated.

Reading Habit.

It is very essential if you want to score well in English to develop the habit of reading. Once you are able to read well then it becomes easier to comprehend the unseen passages quickly. Reading the newspaper and the small storybooks is the best method to improve vocabulary skills and to learn sentence formation. This also helps to learn new words. 

Writing Skills.

If you want to score well then it is very important to have good writing skills. Class 12 has lots of essays, formal and notices, etc. These can be presentable only when you can write well. The best way to improve is to practice as much as possible. Start writing essays with different topics, This will help in grammar and also the writing speed. Boost your critical thinking capacity.

Writing skills are very important and essential to be perfect in literature. When you read prose or any poetry just don’t keep reading but also understand the concepts. Especially when you read poetry that contains lots of inner and deep meanings. Understand them to make it easy while writing.

 Author names and the poets.

Just reading the chapter or poetry is not enough but you should also know the author and poet names. Read about them and understand the views and thoughts of their story and the poem. Some questions may be asked based on them so if you know about them you can write better. You can also memorize some important quotes and use them in your answers. This will make your answer more presentable.


Grammar is very important for any language. You can refer to some good grammar books and practice the exercises given for different grammatical topics. This will help you greatly to improve your grammatical skills.

Practise basic grammar like verbs, Nouns, and the parts of speech. These are the main elements of grammar.

Practice them regularly and make notes separately for grammar. This will help in revision during the exams.

Notes preparation.

Preparation of notes is very important. When you read the chapter make note of important words and the sentences and also the meanings. When you the what it means it becomes too easy to use in the answers. Your answer will be more impressive


As a human we tend to forget soon, As a student, you have to remember whatever you have studied. You will have lots to study as the syllabus are quite a lot from all the subjects. If you are proceeding further and forgetting the previous ones will not be of any use. So always make a regular habit to revise every day. You cal allot a specific time slot for revision.

Solving the previous years’ question paper. 

 For every subject, once you have completed the syllabus it is very important to evaluate your preparation. Solving the previous years’ question paper will give you an idea of your preparation and also know the exact exam pattern. It also improves time management skills and writing speed. Solving the question paper will help you to know the strengths and the weakness.

These are simple tips for preparation.

Now let us see the rules to follow in the examination hall.

Once you get the question paper spare a few minutes to go through the paper. Analyze the questions. If there is a choice check the ones which you are thorough with and write easily. Start answering the easy ones and then go for the next. That will save time.

Keep track of the time. Don’t just fill the pages. Let your answers have appropriate content. Maintain the order of the questions. Even if you plan to answer some questions later then put the number and leave the blank space to answer them. This way your order is maintained and there is no confusion.

Write neatly and legibly. Don’t overwrite. If there is any mistake just strike only once and write the correct one. Sometimes even if you write correctly and the answer sheet is clumsy you will lose marks as the examiner will not understand and he will not have so much patience to read.

Revise the answer sheet before giving the paper. 

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