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JEE Mains, abbreviated form for Joint Entrance Examination – Main, is a computer-based test standardized for PAN India that allows aspirants to get admission in engineering and architectural colleges in India to get themselves enrolled for varied technical undergraduate courses.

This annual examination requires much effort, grit, and perseverance to crack. Only those who have given the test know how it feels like to be a part of such a wide competition constituting lakhs of aspirants chasing their dream in technical programs. But, what if you could learn from the tips and tricks of those who not only cracked JEE Mains but also distinguished themselves as a rank holder!

Following is the crux of the advice, habits, and tricks followed by JEE Mains toppers that might prove helpful for upcoming exam takers to let you keep up with your big dreams glittering in your eyes and learn from the perks and mistakes of the experts.

Tip 1- Build your basics:

This tip is shared by rank holders in all domains. Talking specifically of JEE Mains, toppers have believed that the first pillar of achieving good marks in JEE Mains is a strong foundation of all concepts. JEE Main 2021 topper Kavya Chopra (NTA score: 100 percentile) believes that this will be possible by revising and mastering the concepts of NCERT.

 The 100 percentile achiever also remarks that to get a good score it is necessary to identify your weak points academically and work upon them courageously.

 Tip 2- Saying a Good-Bye To Distractions:

 Distractions attract you the most when you are involved in something pretty serious and important. The same is faced by all JEE aspirants that sometimes misguide them from their actual goals.

 As per Bratin Mondal, a JEE 2021 topper with an NTA score of 100 percentile, states that all students should prioritize their preparation and they should do something that motivates their ambitions in their free time, instead of wasting it on social media platforms like Youtube and others.

 Tip 3- Regular Revision:

 Of course, it is necessary to be aware of the basics of the subject you’re preparing for but, mere awareness is not enough. The topics shall be thoroughly read till understood, and this is possible only by revising the authentic notes at regular intervals.

 Mridul Aggarwal, another JEE main topper who secured an NTA score of 100 percentile, highly agrees with the concept of regular revision.  He believes to be prepared well in advance to face the examination fearlessly. This could be done by practice! He believes that more and more mock tests shall be given and previous years’ questions should be carefully analyzed and taken care of before sitting for the actual test of JEE Main. JEE Mains important questions with answers shall be noted to add on to your basic knowledge. This advice is wise and significant enough to let the aspirant be familiar with the pattern and anxieties of an actual exam. 

Tip 4- Work Hard without any fear or stress:

There’s no shortcut to success, this is an inevitable fact. So, aspirants need to be determined enough to achieve their goals and paying off their 100 percent to aim for the same. But if you work hard with a sword of stress constantly hanging over you, you won’t ever be able to give your best despite your chronic efforts.

The same is believed by Devansh Garg, JEE Mains topper and a rank holder securing AIR 19. He stresses the benefits of the hard work done without any stress. As per the expert, this ensures and improves your chances to clear JEE Mains with an overall top score.

Tip 5- Start Early:

It is known that good things take time. The same shall apply to the time of preparation which is even better if you have a pretty good while to prepare. Starting early has many benefits like an aspirant have abundant time to know the basics, revise it and understand complex conceptual terms by devoting time based upon his or her pace. Starting early is even better for slow learners to learn without any rush or stress in excess.

JEE Main January 2020 topper with an NTA score of 100 percentile, Parth Dwivedi too started his preparation while being in 11th standard only to be on the safe side and increase his chances of securing a seat of a top-notch technical institute.

Tip 6- Look After Yourself and have a positive approach towards the exam:

A positive attitude makes wonders happen. This saying is highly prevalent for a reason. Millions of people have experienced the power of a positive outlook towards difficult things and phases. Positivity doesn’t reduce the workload or study hours required, instead, it helps a person to devote those unbearable long hours in peace and let them have better clarity of concepts because of their non-complaining mindset.

A positive approach is a way to look after yourself. It lets a person count his blessings and see the brighter side of things even in tough times. It can be called a “success mantra” which was even followed by Riya Singh, a 2016 JEE Main topper with an all-India rank of 133. She believes in a daily schedule and sticking to it with positivity intact.

Tip 7- Take It Easy And Give Your Best Shot Without Any Regrets:

Now, this advice is mutual to all existing JEE Main toppers. They believe that an aspirant should try to reach his maximum level of potential by giving a lot of mock tests that’ll help them to improve their grip upon the subjects which is the pre-requisite to have an immense and unshakeable confidence boost. It is advisable for students to put their best in efforts and give their best in the actual exam to not leave any regret for later.

Remember, your true efforts matter more than the results of any exam. So just be true to yourself in efforts as well as attempts.

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