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Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the mobile app for all government services at the Global Cyber ​​Space Conference. On the

indian prim minister modi launches umang app

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the mobile app for all government services at the Global Cyber ​​Space Conference. On the mobile application, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had earlier said that the app will be launched by December last year but due to the many beta tests of the year there is a delay.   According to the government, there is a developed platform designed for the people of the country, which is to provide them access to government services on centers, states, local bodies and app, web, SMS and IVR channels. After Prime Minister Modi started the services of Umang, the IT Ministry said that it is a defining app in the initiative of Digital India and the main e-governance driver for the government. This almost all kinds of government,There will be a window to access services, which include National Scholarship, Women’s Safety, Health Care Application, E-District and Passport Services. It will be available initially in 12 languages ​​including English. A senior IT ministry said that working on a large team of experts – including software and app developers and government official s. Experts have tried to ensure that the app does not have too much space in the device, so that people do not hesitate to download it and get government services through one click with internet. This will be an effective gateway for government services and it can be a base link and all the details of the user will be in it. Some features include bringing together all government departments and their services on one platform to provide better and easier services to the citizens. It aligns all government services with the first mobile strategy to take advantage of mobile adoption trends, providing seamless integration with other digital India services like base, Digolocker, and Pegov. No new such service automatically It will be integrated with the platform, it is easily enabled to easily find, download, access and use all government services. The government wants to provide services to people across the country through its app. So far, for the development of advanced computing across the country, with the units of the Center, 1500 applications have been started by the government in various regional languages. According to IT departments, the Prime Minister’s Office has given permanent order to develop and promote the app for specific purposes, as there has been a significant increase in smartphone penetration in urban and rural areas. It is worth noting that in 121 million phone users in India, there are a lot of rural areas in it. Most of these apps have been developed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati and various other regional languages.]]>

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