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Painting Professional Painting Services Top 6 Ideas for Decorative Paint Techniques

Has your wall grown stale?

Does it need a refresher?

You can get very satisfying results using Air brush technique.

The following ideas will work great no matter what your aesthetic learning is. This guide is for all the DIY enthusiasts – Ditch the painting contractors for once and try these ideas!

We provide professional painting services; hence, we prepared this guide from our experience of working as a painting contractor.


Wall stenciling is an easy and quick method of adding more oomph to your space without putting a huge dent in your pocket of hiring a professional. All that you have to do is order any stencil that you like and just spend one day in showering love for your walls. If you cannot decide and are looking for ideas for house painting then do know this that the internet is rife with stencil inspirations.


The classic harlequin pattern will add life and movement to your interior wall painting. It works great in kitchens, bedrooms or even nurseries. For a sophisticated look, you should select subtle colors or opt for contemporary bold hues if you are looking for a hip and vibrant style.


Metallic paint adds a show stopper look and contemporary feel to the décor. The beauty of these shades is that they can be applied in a million different ways. You could even paint an entire room or a wall in metallic for making a bold stylish statement. You could also opt for a layered look with metallic accents.


Stripes can never go out of fashion. They are a timeless décor staple and they always look fresh. You can incorporate them in different ways. Stripes of different thickness in different colors would add a visual intrigue with a contrasting appeal. They often add an abundant visual flair to the wall.

Polka Dots

If you are not very good with creating designs and are still committed to DIY then polka dots can be your style of adding interior pizazz. They are the easiest to apply and can be punched anywhere. You could add a dose of making emoji faces for a child’s room wall painting.

Color Wash

This painting technique adds depth and Exterior Painting Near Me to the wall. On top of this, it is easy to apply. You can begin with a satin base paint for your wall. Then you could use a large brush to paint over a glaze which will add the unique texture. You can opt for a vibrant color for a dynamic look or a neutral tone for a calming effect.


This is a French style of streaking which basically translates to making vertical or horizontal lines like the linen fabric. It is an amazing method of adding texture and warmth to your room in a lively manner. This style blends with every other style.

Rag Rolling

Yes – it is exactly what you thought! This painting technique involves rolling a rag up and down on wet walls to create depth. This is a subtle technique and it can be used with any other design. A pleasing aesthetic look can be created in any color with this technique.


You must have done this in school! If not then do it today! You can use a sponge paint roller or a sponge from your kitchen for creating dynamic texture. It can be executed easily and it does not require any experience either. It could be a great project for your whole family! We hope that you found our ideas useful! Watch out this space for more innovative ideas.

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