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Pros And Cons Of PDF

The full form of PDF is portable document format. It is an electronic mode of data that is stored in a file. It is created by Adobe Systems. It is very difficult to edit PDF.

Irrespective of the platform it is used on, a PDF can function as a store for all the content that you want to preserve or show to other people.

There are many ways to do this, and PDF is one of them. In this article, we are going to learn some advantages and disadvantages of PDF files.


PDF is multidimensional in nature

One of the best benefits of clubbing your data in a PDF format is that the PDF format is multidimensional. By this, we can understand that PDF format helps you to bring all the different kinds of elements of files that you want in a single place.

This content can include not only text and images but also other types of graphics such as videos, audio, 3D models, hyperlinks, animations, etc. Unlike other platforms, all these elements can be placed under one roof named PDF.

Element present

This helps people to find every possible element present in their report in a single file. It makes it easy for people to present ideas in the form of various elements in front of people by sharing a single file in the form of a PDF.

It is safe to use 

Not only that PDF has interesting tools so that you can have all the data in different formats, in a single place, but it is also safe to use. Different ways by which you can secure your PDF and different elements present in it are:

  • Password
  • Signatures
  • Watermarks, etc.

With the help of these features present to secure a PDF, one can make sure that different elements like images, text, animations, etc., are safe and not in danger of being copied.

PDF provides visual integrity

Another aspect that makes PDF user-friendly and famous among users who are willing to present their data in a creative form is the graphical integrity that a PDF provides.

The contents that you put in a PDF, no matter what elements they contain and in which layout they are present, are not affected when the PDF is opened on any other application or device.

The format in which the PDF is being saved or created remains intact and the same if they are opened on different platforms also.


Difficult to edit

From the above-given benefits, it is quite clear that a PDF is meant for the purpose of exchanging ideas. Initially, it wasn’t developed for the purpose of letting people edit or make their changes to it.

It was merely a source of presenting the ideas through creative elements present in a single file. This is why it is, many of the times, difficult to edit PDF and even to extract content that is given in it. It can be accessed through different mediums but cannot be edited most of the time.

Different working style

Most PDFs are hard to edit and serve the main purpose of preserving and keeping the contents in a safe and secure platform. It is also mainly used for presenting the idea in front of people.

Having said that, not all PDFs are similar when we are dealing with the working nature. There are different kinds of PDFs, and all these PDFs require similar kinds of platforms to be run. This is why people sometimes prefer PDF to Word converter to convert their PDF files in Word format for easy accessibility.

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