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A photo booth is a portrait machine made up of a booth, equipped with a seat where the person who wishes to be photographed sits. The machine automatically develops and prints the photographs and is most generally located in a public place where one can take identity photos or individual or group self-portraits on their own. This photo booth rental service is vast and available all around the country, some of the best of which is photo booth Chicago.

Today, in the conditions of the dominance of digital photographic equipment, the functionality of modern photo machines has significantly expanded. Now they often don’t even look like a booth, but more like a portable device. They are able to obtain a high-quality image not only at a fixed focal length but within a certain photo zone. They can take not only individual but also group shots. They are able to customize photos through the use of light filters, photo effects, branding.

What Modern Photo Booths Are There?

  • Stationary Photo Booth

It is in the form of a traditional vending machine. As a rule, it is installed in public places, places of congestion or transit of a large number of people – in the halls of shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, railway and auto stations, airports, etc. It allows not only to take express photographs for documents but also to capture a random moment of meeting acquaintances, make a photo souvenir in memory of the visited place, etc.

  • Mobile Photo Booth

The so-called photo booth. This is, as a rule, a portable device on a tripod (without an external closed body – a booth), with a short-focus lens providing a wide capture angle and a significant depth of field, which are necessary for the formation of a photo zone (a spatial zone for obtaining photographs of acceptable clarity). The device is “sharpened” for obtaining mainly group thematic photographs, with an arbitrary position of the persons being photographed within the photo zone, with a large arsenal of means of branding and customizing the results of photographing.

This type of “photo booth” has recently become more and more widespread and popular as a means of equipping and saturating a variety of public events and private events – celebrations, weddings, parties, corporate events, presentations, advertising events, the like. They allow you to significantly diversify the pastime of participants, make events and events much richer and more memorable.


  • Obtaining high-quality photographs of memorable events and people – after all, not everyone carries their own high-quality SLR camera to events, and the capabilities of “photo-soap boxes” on smartphones, which are always with you, do not provide the proper quality of images;
  • Prompt receipt of express photos immediately on paper in any number of copies – after all, very often, with the modern pace of life, there is no time to start printing photos from your own digital camera (smartphone) and sending them to all persons captured in the photo;
  • Excellent opportunities for customization and branding of photos, in accordance with the theme of the event;
  • The possibility of self-selection for printing the most successful of the series of frames taken;
  • Interactivity – when connected to the Internet, they allow not only to quickly print pictures but also to send them in the electronic form to any email address, remotely share them with relatives, friends, colleagues.

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