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Progressive glasses have become very popular of late and they have managed to provide a solution for a wide range of people who need help with their eyesight. These particular glasses are aimed at those who have multiple needs when it comes to their lenses. Depending on what kind of eyesight you have, it may be that you need stronger lenses when reading than you do when driving, or perhaps even in your day to day life. Progressive lenses have been created to feature 3 prescriptions in one, and that is why they are able to help so many.

As with anything, there are very much pros and cons to this which are worth taking into account when it comes to whether or not they are the right choice for you.

Pros of Using Progressive Lenses

One of the most compelling reasons to use this particular type of lens is that it means you don’t need to keep swapping glasses every time that you change the activity which you are doing. Instead of having to take 2 or 3 pairs of glasses with you when you go away from home, you can simply pack the one, which will cater to all of your needs. Smooth transition between the lenses is also something that you will find when you use progressive glasses. If you are driving for example and you need to look at something close such as the speedometer and then back to something farther away like the car in front, you can switch between the two without feeling a jump in the lens transition. The technology on these lenses means that they look just like regular glasses, with no additional size or weight.

Disadvantages of Progressive Glasses

There aren’t too many drawbacks that would prevent you from buying progressive glasses but it is worth keeping in mind some of the negatives of using these kind of glasses. Many people will struggle with the transition to these lenses and it can take time for you to adapt to them, especially in the lower part of the lenses. Some people have said that they have felt nauseous or dizzy in the first few weeks of using these glasses and that is entirely natural and will pass swiftly.  There is also the cost to take into account because when you compare these lenses to something like bifocals, you will be looking at an additional cost of at least $100. If you are happy paying the price however and you understand that the first few days and week may be a bit tough in terms of you adapting to wearing these new glasses, then you can certainly find a great option which will help your eyesight.

Progressive glasses are a fabulous piece of technology which has certainly increased the eyesight of thousands in a very convenient way. There are some drawbacks but as mentioned, nothing which could detract someone from wanting to switch up their glasses and change them to the progressive lens.

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