Sun. Apr 14th, 2024
Black lives matter

There are people who are perceptive by nature. They want to make the world a just and peaceful domain. Wherever they see injustice or brutishness they want to rebel. These people, in the long run, make our world a better place. There are so many things to protest. Some, work for the cause of animal benevolent. They may boycott the meatpacking industry.  Some want gender equality and queer rights. There are so many countries that do not have marriage equality. They want to resist the government. People would also want to protest against racial intolerance.

Whatever your ideology is, if you want to protest against authorities, you must face resistance. Riots are never peaceful. So, it is natural only that one might face police brutality while rioting for the cause. Here are a few important tips on how to be part of a march and safeguard yourself. Here you will also get a brief explanation how vista bail bonds can help you easily if you get arrested and taken to custody.

  1. Things you should wear: You should always wear facemasks and heat resistant gloves. The pandemic is far from being over. The protest entails large gatherings. So, it is mandatory to take proper health precautions. Along with masks, you can also wear protective goggles. You should wear solid coloured and long sleeves, layered clothes. If you can, you should cover up your tattoos. It has been proved that people with tattoos are targeted as easy suspects.
  2. Things to bring: Protests take long hours. You must bring your own drinking water bottle. The water is also needed to wash your eyes when the police throw tears gas bombs at the crowd. You can bring snacks as you might get hungry. You should always have an ID card with you. Keep some cash in your pockets. You should also carry a small first aid toolkit with you. It is vital to stay prepared. And last but not the least; you should bring your protest signs and placards with you.
  3. Things you should not bring: You don’t know where you are about to end up when the riot is over. So, you should always disable your face/touch IDs on your mobile phone. They won’t know how to contact your loved ones if your phone is locked. So, you should bring an inexpensive cell phone with you. Do not bring valuable jewellery with you. Don’t bring firearms, weed or any other substance that is illegal. If you are caught you drugs you are unquestionably facing jail time.

If you somehow get arrested after or during the protest, don’t be surprised. This is nothing new. What you should do is be equipped. You should talk to a legal professional such as the Bail Lawyer Toronto for the immediate proceedings.

. You can also contact a fully licensed bondsman, who would help you get a bail smoothly. You would pay a portion of the sum as bail bond, follow court instructions and you’d be out of the courtroom in no time. You might be asked to be present at a certain point of time over a period of a few months. You should never miss those court hearings. As your bail depends upon following the rules set by the judge. In the end, the most important thing you need to remember is to ensure your safety first. Resist authority and fight for freedom!

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